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Here’s a list of the 2014 salaries for the Major League Baseball teams.  You can get a look at the individual player salaries from USA Today’s website.  Individual rankings are interesting because you have to look past 65 players to … Continue reading

Madison Bumgarner pitches the Giants to their third World Series win in five seasons

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[nbcsports_video src= width=620 height=381] KANSAS CITY — It’s a cliche that someone in some P.R. office came up with, but in Madison Bumgarner’s case it’s true: October is when legends are born. The Giants ace came…

Mad Bum & Posey……New Kids on the Block Game 4.

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DISCLAIMER:  Today’s blog is absolutely 100% pro- Giants so I want you non-Giants fans to know it’s nothing personal, just something  I have to do!   Things’ll get back to normal soon….. I wish I’d written this song. …

“GAME ON” ~ The Truth comes Out!

“I’m a baseball fan first, and a Giants fan second”. You’ve heard it over and over again right here on this blog and no matter what anyone says I meant it. I meant it when I said it, and I … Continue reading

“Those Classy Cardinals” Not the fans ……Not this year…..

Wow!  After reveling in happiness of the Giants really, really long-shot of making it,once again to the World Series, I was very quickly yanked back to reality this morning when a respected website brought my attention to “way too many” tweets posted by … Continue reading

Baseball Reliquary you say? ……. What the ^&*(#$%

Whittier College is establishing the first “Baseball Reliquary” in the country and will be housed under the Religious Department, with a Professor of Religious Studies and everything.   When I read about this at, where else, “Hardball Talk”, the first thing … Continue reading

Bruce Bochy: one of the best managers in baseball history?

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That’s the case for Bochy made by Jonah Keri today over at Grantland. And, thankfully, Jonah doesn’t just play the “count tha rings!” game. Sure, the two World Series rings and a potential for a third…

Sick of the Giants and the Cardinals in the NLCS? Tough. They deserve to be there and we’d better get used to it.

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As a supporter of the underdog, I gotta tell ya: it’s really refreshing to see plucky, underexposed upstarts like the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants finally catch a break and make it to an…

Madison Bumgarner’s big error not all his fault

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It was the play that changed the series. After the first two Nationals reached in a scoreless game in the seventh inning Monday, Wilson Ramos dropped down a bunt. Madison Bumgarner grabbed the ball and then immediately…

Giants vs Nats Game 2…..If only!

Take a look at Matthew Pouliot’s Hardball Talk take on the 18 inning playoff game between the Nats and the Giants yesterday.  Matt’s saying, basically,  the Nats would have won if they’d left Zimmerman in the game in the 9th. Well, … Continue reading

Ethics Hero: American League Batting Champion Jose Altuve

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There was another baseball Ethics Hero who emerged on the last day of the regular season yesterday. File it under “Sportsmanship.” Houston Astros secondbaseman  Jose Altuve (at less than 5′ 5″, the shortest athlete in…

Mad Bum Out of the Box and, Please … No More Bunts!

I love this guy! What about this? To Bruce Bochy: How about putting Bum in left field on his days off?  That will get him in the line-up and God knows we can sure use him. AND NO MORE BUNTING … Continue reading