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Hall of Fame Voting ~ Some Writers Don’t Deserve the Privilege

Interesting article yesterday at,  written by John Baranowski.  It goes deep about the history and inner workings of who makes it to Cooperstown and why.  But what I found interesting is that all of the BBWAA writers can vote – … Continue reading

Broken Bats, Barry Bonds and The Easy Way Out.

It takes a lot to get me back into blogging mode these days.  And it’s not because I don’t want to but, like everyone else, I’m busy.  So when I read an article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal I … Continue reading

The Sounds (And Sights) Of Baseball

Originally posted on REFLECTIONS ON BASEBALL:
In the 21st Century, we live in a video world. YouTube posts go viral and police wear “cop cams”. ……..If we can’t see it,  we don’t believe it or it simply didn’t happen. But…

183 Day MLB Trip in 2015: Game 62 – Wrigley Field

Wow!   This is what I’d call a “real” summer vacation.  Have fun Chuck! We’ll be following your journey. 183 Day MLB Trip in 2015: Game 62 – Wrigley Field.  


“SOUNDSOFBASEBALL.COM“ There’s a new kid on the block, the result of a terrific website that literally outgrew itself.  Jam-packed with over 400 audio clips and several thousand photo’s its popularity as an online baseball library continues to grow. “Sounds of … Continue reading

Baltimore Follies Forgiven ….. For Now

It took a  Seamheads.Com post by Terry Keshner this morning to get me back in the saddle.  I really miss posting, but have a lot on my plate for at least another week and my favorite thing to do has had to … Continue reading


One of my clients last week casually mentioned  about opening day being so special this year because of the new kids, the rookies.  Such an abundant resource the team has never seen, he said.  I think he’s probably right. But you … Continue reading

Ballpark Food Everywhere …. This time from Calcaterra!

Originally posted on HardballTalk:
The “Singularity” refers to a notion that, eventually, our technology will push so far that it will lead to a point where artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity, thereby radically changing civilization. We will lose complete control,…

Milwaukee Brewers “Hank the Dog” Mascot

Originally posted on The Baseball Continuum:
In 30 Teams, 30 Posts, I write a post about every MLB team in some way in the lead-up to the beginning of the 2015 season. Previous installments can be found here. Today, a…

“BLUE SOCKS UP!” A Tribute to David Balfour

Tampa Bay Rays wear “Socks Up” to honor Grant Balfour’s father, David. I review 50-100 baseball blogs and articles, photos, etc., on a weekly basis and this is the one that caught my attention this morning.  I’m not sure why I … Continue reading

Not Exactly Garlic Fries but still ……….who cares?

OMG!  The Arizona Diamondbacks have come up with something that might be just as good as garlic fries.  And only 1,117 Calories!  If I ever make it to Chase Field I’ll sure give it a try. Here ~ Take a … Continue reading

Letterman on Sandoval

Back in 2011 the Pablo Sandoval reported to Spring Training in Arizona looking much like, well, a Panda Bear,  to the chagrin of the powers that be for the SF Giants. The Panda belongs to the Boston Red Sox now and … Continue reading