Still Dreaming

My sister just reminded me about mom’s love of baseball.  She used to scurry around and get all her chores done so she could plop in her rocking chair and watch the game, listening to the play-by-plays with the same intent like she was in church or something.   And she loved those Giants!  Later it became the Mariners when she moved closer to Seattle.     Seems so fitting now that her name was Lucille (Giants fans will get it).   Dad bought one of those humongous satellite dishes that took up most of the back yard.  The ball games played 24/7 in their house, especially after he retired.   So it was really great that after dad died Mom kept watching the games.    We thought all those years she’d been held captive in front of the  TV, forced to watch the innings as they progressed hour by hour.  Maybe it had become such a habit she just never thought to change the channel.  She never said much during a game andwas sorta slow to answer  if you were  bold enough  to ask a question during a play.   We knew then for sure Mom was ever the fan dad was ~ she could talk baseball with the best of them.  She knew her stuff and I  miss her.


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