Up, Up and Away ……..

We’re leaving for our baseball trip this afternoon, taking the red eye flight to Boston and then a short hop to Baltimore!  Trying to figure out my new  Ipod so I can take some videos and also listen to the games on the radio (Ipod radio, who knew?)  98 degrees and “humid” in Baltimore…..really excited about our trip, but will miss our beautiful Pacific ocean air!

If you haven’t been to San Jose International Airport this is a great week-end to visit!  Grand opening and guided tours all week-end.  Go online and reserve a spot for the tour!  The airport is a beauty and once

New SJC International Airport

we figure out how to maneuver our way around it’ll be fun!   We were safe since we took the shuttle service,  but if you’re going it alone, be sure and allow time.  

 This is our first experience with Jet Blue – they had the best non-stop schedule to Boston and the red eye was appealing since we could sleep (that’s the plan :)) and then have time to take a really quick trip on the subway/train to Washington DC. before checking into our hotel.    Okay, so that’s the plan.  I’ll let you know what “really” happens on the next blog!  See you in Baltimore!


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