Athletic Baseball Players?……..You kidding me?

When I first saw this video I thought it was some sort of trick photography.  But these past few weeks, as team’s are playing with their entire seasons on the line gearing up for post season playoffs, you see some really amazing stuff.   I’ve seen really spectacular plays at home plate,  catches at the back wall similar to this video, unbelievable diving catches  and  just good old fashioned baseball at its best.   My son’s track coach once told me the best all around athletes are those who’ve mastered the pole vault because of the all-around skills and athleticism needed for the sport.   Maybe.  But when I watch today’s baseball players in slow motion, going through the gyrations they go through, pitch after pitch after pitch, it’s truly unbelievable.  I mean  surreal!   Here’s a few examples:

And it’s everyone playing as a team, just to get that one out, or make that one play, or get on base.  It’s something to see!   Just watching the speed  in rounding the bases is enough to make a believer out of  anyone.   Baseball season lasts for 6 months not including post-season.  That’s 162 games a year.   And this isn’t for  that one play the coach might call you in for.  For one particular play. And this isn’t for the one game you’ll play this week, or for that one tournament that month.

So when you look at these photo’s remember these guys are playing their sport 6 months each year.   Think about it.   Football, basketball, golf, track & field, soccer.  These are all great sports but the only sport that has the athlete going out day after day after day is baseball.   I think of this often when friends tell me baseball is “boring” or baseball’s too slow.   Good grief!   Anyone can go out and run around the field non-stop for an hour or so once a week.  (Well, that is, anyone in training, maybe, sort of)  But it takes a real athlete to get out there day after day and perform those tasks as shown in the photo’s above.   Ugghhh……it hurts to just look at some of those shots.

Well, anyhow, this is my opinion.  I just get tired of non-fans trying to minimize the athletic abilities of professional baseball players.  Baseball rocks!   Get used to it!


7 responses to “Athletic Baseball Players?……..You kidding me?

  1. Amen……..You go, Girl!


  2. Even more amazing was the fact his teammate made a similar catch about a week earlier. Good stuff.


  3. I would like to start by saying Im a nationally ranked triathlete and im turning 16 in december, i would be willing to bet that i work harder than anyone in the MLB. This time of year my schedule goes something like this:
    5:30 wake up
    6:45 leave for school
    7:21 start school
    2:05 schools out
    2:20 cross country practice (ussually a minimum of 5 miles on an easy day)
    3:00-3:45 cross country practice ends
    4:00 get home and eat
    4:15 leave for swim practice
    4:45-7:00 swim practice
    7:30 get home
    7:45 eat dinner
    8:15 homework
    9:30 bed

    Now imagine what my training program looks like in the middle of triathlon season when i dont have school and i swim twice a day, once at 5:15-7:30 AM and again at 6:30-8:30 PM, not to mention i also have to bike for about an hour and a half and run for about an hour to 2 hours also. So of you think that those people your talking about playing little league football and running around a field for an hour once a week remember that there are some people doing up to 30 hours of training a week. Im sorry but baseball players arent athletes.


  4. You’re a true athlete for sure and more power to you. Just saying…….. athletes and heroes can also be humble. I hope you’ll write me again in ten years.

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  5. Hello mate great bllog

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  6. Thanks Owen. I haven’ t posted for awhile but it’s always great to hear from the fans! Happy Holidays:))


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