Hit by a pitch …… You’re Outta here!

Note:  See “GFBB Videos” on Side Bar.  Click “Lannan Ejection” to view video for this post. 

John Lannan

I’ve long been a fan of  the “Two ‘Hits’ You’re Out” philosophy when it comes to MLB Pitchers.  I mean, really, if you’ve made it to the show don’t you think the least you could do is get the darn ball across the plate?  So okay, you miss one once in awhile, but there needs to be a limit and I’d say two is it.   Take a look at this video.  In all probabilities, this pitcher didn’t intend to hit his batters.  But you have to draw the line somewhere and I think if you do it twice in one game, you’re outta there.   Back in the Barry Bonds days the subject of 

Curt Schilling

getting hit by a pitch was bordering on ridiculous.  In one game Curt Schilling, the controlled master of all, managed to “accidentally” hit Bonds twice in the same game.  He didn’t hit anyone else that game, just Bonds. Get real!  Schilling should have been thrown out on his buns that game.   But, when I just recently saw this video for the first time I thought, at least, the ump’s are finally getting it right.  Doesn’t matter who you are or what your intention is.  This is dangerous stuff.  Things happen.   Read the related article below where Ramirez was hit not once, but twice and had to leave the game  because of  related injuries.    C’mon.  These are professional baseball players doing what they do best.   Do you really think it’s too much to ask?   Maybe if a pitcher’s ejected enough times he can be “sentenced” to go back to the Minors for a refresher course.  I’m just saying, you know, sometimes it’s not an accident and sometimes players get hurt.  Sometimes the best thing that can happen is ……. you’re outta here!


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