Derek Jeter – Emmy Award for Best Actor?……Absolutely!

Derek Jeter

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Take a look at this video.  Be patient.  It takes a minute to load.  I had a devil of a time finding a copy that was not locked out with a “security violation”, but once again WordPress to the rescue.  Anyhow this goes in line with my last two posts , “Hit by a Pitch” – well, not really, but you’ll see what I mean. 

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Geez,  I kinda liked Derek Jeter.  He’s like the last of the old time heroes.  I always thought it was because he was still single and could get away with indiscretions because he wasn’t hurting his sweet little wife who sat patiently at home waiting for him, because he didn’t have a wife.    But now this puts a bit of a different swing on things don’t you think?  I mean I’m sure a lot of  Yankee fans will think this is great, probably even funny, but this pathetic lie of an acting job probably cost the Rays the game.  Hero?  I don’t think so.  As far as I’m concerned Derek Jeter has dropped a notch,  a lot of notches, probably to the bottom of the belt, in my mind. 

This brings the Hall of Fame to mind once again.  So they don’t want gamblers and substance abusers in the HOF, but will they draw the line when it comes to a big fake?  I didn’t realize it had happened before.  Derek was a hero in my mind and I didn’t really look very hard to prove him otherwise.  See the “Related Articles” below. 

Hey, it’s okay!  We have a few heroes on the horizon.  Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner come to mind,  because I’m a Giants fan probably, but I’m sure you have others on your team you would nominate.  I’d like to hear about them.  It would make for a great blog sometime in the winter while I’m having to sit through one of those goddawful Monday night football games. 

Good grief!   I thought I’d seen it all folks.  But this one really takes the cake!  Is Jeter so stupid he didn’t realize there’s such a thing as “replays” and better yet, “replays in slow motion”?   I guess when you’re making those kind of bucks all bets are off and you do whatever you have to do to get that win.  Ethics, honesty and morality?  We’ll have to look to our young heroes and cross our hearts, hope to die, stick a needle …… and say a prayer once in awhile.   They’re sure gonna need it. 


12 responses to “Derek Jeter – Emmy Award for Best Actor?……Absolutely!

  1. It’s Jeeter’s job to get on base, it’s the umpire’s job to get the call right… The umpire made his call immediately and very confidently. If you can’t name at least 20 other ways players try to get the call, you have never really been the expert you see yourself. Maybe you should get an Emmy instead…


    • C’mon Jim, lighten up! The discussion is about Jeter’s “performance” not about the umpire’s call. Also take a look at the “Blog” heading. A Blog is a compilation of personal thoughts, reflections, opinions, comments. I’m an amateur blogger and in no way should anything I write be considered “expert”. That’s why I have the Disclaimer on the Blog, that describes me as a “fan” who loves the game. Obviously so do you. You might consider writing your own blog. Let me know if you’d like help getting started! GFBB


  2. I’m not a fan of instant replay, slo-mo, or reviews by umpires. A play is called by the umpires. A strike isn’t a strike, unless the umpire says so. A run is not scored, unless the umpire says so. If the umpire says a batter is hit by the pitch, he is hit by the pitch. A home run is a home run, only if the umpire says so. I’m old fashion. If you look at the game and the role of umpires the way I do, there is no room for argument, replays, etc.

    Umpires are professional. They play each and every play in both halves of every inning. They may make an error; who else on the field has not? Play on.


    • John, my opinion isn’t about umpires. I love umpires. Their calls are final, and that’s how it should be. Take a look at my 6/3/10 posting. But Jeter – Did you get a look at the video? This performance belongs on Saturday Night Live! I can’t believe Jeter wasn’t embarassed looking at it after the fact. I know this stuff happens, but can you imagine Ted Williams or Ichiro or any number of players doing it? It cheapens the game. In my mind, the really great players would play the hand that’s dealt and not feel a need to “fake” it to get on base. That’s all I’m saying here. (And thanks for sticking up for the umpires. I got to see Jim Jarvis at a Giants game recently ~ took more pics of him than I did of the Giants!)


  3. I agree with John .. I actually like Derek Jeter more because of what happened with the “hit by pitch” call .. how great of a player that he can instantly react to such an event. If it were a Ray that had done it no one would be complaining .. it is always a bigger deal when a Yankee does anything questionable or jealous worthy .. I am a Yankee fan to the core of my heart and soul .. but regardless if it were Derek or my least favorite player A-Rod, I would still stand by the fact that a call is a call in baseball .. this is why baseball is so great .. it allows human error and you don’t get do-overs like you do in football .. there is no reviewing .. it is the way it is called first and if that is not right well then too bad. Like Derek said in a interview following the event .. there have been plenty of times that he has been hit and not gotten the call so …


    • See my response to John regarding the umpire’s call, Emily. I was interested in this Derek Jeter thing since my last two posts have been about getting hit by a pitched ball. And now, coincidently, Jeter shows up “pretending” to get hit by a pitch. So for sure my discussion isn’t about the umpire’s call, but about the “performance”. GFBB


  4. Jeter’s not the first, nor will he be the last, to fake an HBP. Some might call it “gamesmanship.” I wonder, if it were Ich or Guttie or Buhner (back in the day), would I be morally outraged? I’d like to think so, but probably not.


    • I’m glad you mention Ichiro, Helen. Perfect example of someone a hero should be like ~ someone our kids can look up to! At least in my mind. Moral outrage? Probably, but more than anything I was just really disappointed. I’ve always liked Derek Jeter and always stuck up for him, and now another one bites the dust. Maybe the next batch of ballplayers can do a better job at being “heroes”. At least they still have Ichiro to look up to!


  5. Funny,Ichiro dated a women who already married for a long time when he was young,that’s a big news in Japan. He is dislike by many Japanese bc the way he speak(ex: before the WBC “Korean-50 years-Japan”),when he used his bat to draw a line on the outer edge of the plate and was eject by the umpire,that definitely is a good way our kids to look for. you saw him is a “hero” only bc you know rarely about him.


    • The point I was trying to make regarding Jeter is he was obviously trying to “deceive” the umpire, and it worked!. That’s it. If we were to try to get into personal lives I guarantee we could dig up dirt on just about anyone if that’s what we really wanted to. Appreciate your comments. Are you by chance a Yankee fan? Just curious …..


      • The point I was trying to make regarding Jeter is he was obviously trying to “deceive” the umpire, and it worked!. That’s it. If we were to try to get into personal lives I guarantee we could dig up dirt on just about anyone if that’s what we really wanted to. Appreciate your comments. Are you by chance a Yankee fan? Just curious …..
        Player do that all the time, Isn’t that what a catcher does when he tries to bring back strike three? Isn’t that what an infielder does by holding up the glove even when he misses a tag at second base? Isn’t that what an outfielder does when he lifts up HIS glove after he traps a ball? Isn’t that what a batter does when he tries to act like he checked his swing? Doesn’t a base runner pretend to have touched home plate even if he knows that he missed it?

        Just like Jeter said,sometimes he get hit but didn’t get the call. Now, why this time when umpire miss the call it suddenly become player’s fault?

        …and answer your question,I’m not a yankees fan.I don’t care Yankee win or lose if Jeter not in the lineup.


  6. …or any number of players doing it?

    How about Chase Utley’s NLDS G2 performance?


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