Vote’s in! Derek Jeter Rocks!

You can always count on Yankee fans to come to the rescue of their Team Captain, but I was surprised at the number of baseball fans in general, not just Yankee fans, who agree with Jeter’s current acting performance as being not only an accepted practice in baseball, but generally gamesmanship at its best.   I received twice as many emails and comments on this post than I have in all the others combined, and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of an Emmy for Derek!   Just goes to show I might have an opinion, but it doesn’t  mean it’s a popular opinion!   And that’s okay folks.  I’ve always said, if  it’s written, it’s real and boy did you write!

Here’s some of the opinions expressed on the subject.  This response was from “” sports blog and most closely represents your opinions here at GFBB!

  1. getswirled answered: I (hate) the Yankees, but that kind of stuff makes baseball beautiful.
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  3. bobbyfreshcuts answered: smart baseball!
  4. sherwooddesigns answered: If the average fan knew (shoot) about the game other than the Yankees, they’d realize this is just baseball. Stop perpetuating the media bias!
  5. bobble-head answered: It’s Derek Jeter, of COURSE it’s brilliant baseball. Anybody else, and they’re rotten scum. Sarcasm aside…it was really lame.
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  7. dccat reblogged this from scenes-from-my-hood and added: Gross. Just gross.
  8. stpillow answered: Smart Baseball.
  9. sarahinthe617 answered: UGH hate the yankees so much – and wouldn’t have expected this from jeter, who i thought at least was classy. integrity deteriorating. BOOO.
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  12. reallynic reblogged this from scenes-from-my-hood and added: I wanted to bring…my accountability and ethics class last night. But I didn’t.
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  14. danielleashby answered: Hate is a strong word, but I strongly, STRONGLY dislike the Yankees and always have.
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  16. texnessa answered: good for him. he still cant hold a candle to cristiano ronaldo for theatrics
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  18. betterthanihopedfor answered: Boo for fake injuries.
  19. 1happyst reblogged this from kimbaland and added: Getting hit in the bat when you don’t swing should be a HBP anyway. I never understood why it wasn’t. You throw a…
  20. kimbaland reblogged this from scenes-from-my-hood and added: fake injuries when playing soccer, too. Guess I was taking after my love, DJ.
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  22. qlam answered: Smart baseball. You take every advantage that’s given to you. That goes for life too.
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  25. scenes-from-my-hood reblogged this from sbnation and added: this is derek jeter faking having been hit by a pitch when in fact it only hit the bat. jeter later admitted…
  26. mlhartwell answered: its actually a form of normative cheating. similar to stealing signs in baseball or intentionally fouling in basketball. its all about the W.
  27. thegreg answered: The guy is the captain in one of the most heated division races of the past decade. Do everything you can to win. Blame the umpire. Not Jeter
  28. alancassinelli answered: how is it any worse than flopping in basketball or soccer? its part of the game now
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  30. stphn answered: If aj pierzinaksdkdadkkiii or arod did this, y’all would call it out for what it is
  31. acecapade answered: Smart baseball. They won.
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  33. nickmendez answered: It’s ridiculous to call this anything other than gamesmanship. Just like when a catcher frames a strike.    “GFBB Note:  Really?”      WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.  
  34. alexseder answered: Smart baseball.
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