SF Giants ……. They’re Everywhere!!

The other day I was in the Safeway parking lot and had to do a double take on the guy pulling in next to me.  My gosh!  For sure it was Sergio Romo, in the car right next to me.  What to do?  Should I just ignore him, maybe introduce myself, thank him for a great season, or just act my age and ignore him?   After taking a few deep breaths I got out of the car and immediately realized it wasn’t Sergio after all, just someone who really reminded me of him!  This has been happening a lot lately.   We returned late last night from Las Vegas.  We flew down just to see “The Jersey Boys” playing at the Palazzo and it was probably the best show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of shows!   As we were being seated  I nudged my husband and said” Oh my gosh!  Look!  It’s Buster Posey! ”  He was just being seated 4 rows in front of us!  Whattathrill!  Only to realize as he turned around it was a Posey lookalike.  I wondered if  this guy had to deal with fans often as surely others would have made the same mistake I just did.   But the reason I’m even mentioning this subject is that during the play, about a third into it,  the “Bob Gaudio” character was introduced and I immediately thought what a striking resemblance he had to Matt Cain.  Really!  Throughout the entire performance all I could think about when this guy was on

The "real" Bob Gaudio

stage was Matt Cain, his looks, height, curly hair, mannerisms, voice, everything!    So I mention this to my husband

Matt Cain

at intermission and he looked at me a little concerned, like  maybe I was starting to get a little obsessed about the Giants ……..really?  You think?   When we got back to our hotel room, I thought I was really onto something and looked frantically through the Playbill to find this identical twin to Matt Cain, the Bob Gaudio character, only to find they didn’t look anything like each other, at least not in the pictures.  I began to think my hubby was right and I was becoming obsessed.  After all, this was happening more and more lately.  Everywhere I turned I saw someone from the Giants team.  I haven’t seen Lincecum yet, but I’m sure he’s out there.  It’ll happen.  I have to get this under control!   It’ll be my New Year’s resolution, to stop obsessing about the  SF Giants!   Hmmm…..I wonder if Matt Cain can sing?


One response to “SF Giants ……. They’re Everywhere!!

  1. No matter how much that trip to Las Vegas cost, you are priceless:)


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