Best Baseball Songs? ….. You Decide!

     Video Courtesy of yankee0412 | August 13, 2009

Okay, I have to admit things are a little slow, but here in the Bay Area there’s still a lot of hoopla left over from the World Series.  We should be able to live off the laurels of  those 2010 Giants for years to come.   And the Championship Trophy has been on tour for the past few weeks making headlines everywhere it goes.   All in all, it’s been a good year.   I’ve been in a melancholy mood these past few weeks and watching a lot of MLB-TV and finally had time to watch some of my newly acquired DVD’s.    The first DVD I watched was from “When it Was a Game” , the Triple Play Collection I bought when we were in Cooperstown this summer.   This has incredible footage  from the personal collections of the players and their family’s 8mm and 16 mm film.   I’m an avid card collector and imagine my surprise when I find Honus Wagner smiling live and in person at me from the wonders of film. 

My search of “YouTube” produced the great video you just viewed.  It gives you a taste of each song and even includes that old Abbott & Costello spoof, “Who’s on First?”  Some things just never grow old and no matter how much I watch them they don’t lose their magic.    Here’s the list of  those Top 10 recordings in the video:

  • 10   “Love is Like a Baseball Game” by The Intruders
  •   9.  “All The Way” by Eddie Vedders
  •   8.  “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request” by Steve Goodman
  •   7.  “Say Hey” by The Treiners
  •   6.  “Glory Days” by  Bruce Springsteen
  •   5.  “Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio” by Les Brown and his Orchestra
  •   4.  “Talkin’ Baseball by Terry Cashman
  •   3.  “Who’s on First” by Abbott & Costello
  •   2.  “Centerfield” by John Fogerty
  •   1.  “Take Me out to the Ballgame”  by Harry Caray and others

Since the video was made there have been a few more that will be added I’m sure.  “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Living on a Prayer” come to mind, along with “Say Hey, I Love you, Giants Version”.   Also, “Life is a Ballgame” by Wynonna Carr, definitely an Honorable Mention!

If you find yourself a little laid back and downright lazy these next few weeks you might try searching the information highway for some “YouTube Baseball Videos“.  It’ll keep you entertained for hours.  Who knows?  You might even try your hand at shooting a few videos yourself.   You could end up with the  No.1 YouTube video of the year.  It could happen!   I’m just saying,  it’s a good way to pass the time.

GFBB Note:  Only17 days til pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training!  Woo Hoo! Make a note of it!


2 responses to “Best Baseball Songs? ….. You Decide!

  1. Here’s on you missed:

    The song is allegorical, but it still brings me into the ballpark every time I hear it.


  2. “Home Run, a Tribute to Baseball by Geoff Moore”,released in 1995. I love this! I can’t believe I’ve never heard it before. Thanks Helen!


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