Seattle Mariner Fans ….. This One’s for You!

In Memory of  Dave Niehaus 

 Everytime I hear Dave’s voice I tear up. I get chills until no end. Not so much because I miss Dave the person, but Dave the spirit. I grew up watching baseball, knowing every night when I turned on the television I could hear Dave. I knew that when no one was positive about the Mariner’s chances, Dave would always have a hopeful attitude. I am going to miss the “My Oh My‘s” and the “Grand Salami‘s”. Even the simple hello, welcome to beautiful Safeco Field, with his signature grin. FLY FLY AWAY! ”   Taken from Comments on YouTube

Dave Niehaus, Throwing out the First Pitch

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Dave Niehaus except that he was a former announcer for the Mariners.  When I was researching about who he was and what he did, Wikipedia said he was an announcer for basketball, football and baseball; but the phrases they mentioned were all about baseball, so that’s what I’m assuming he was most known for.   Here’s a few of those catchphrases that were so popular with the fans:

  • “My, oh my!” – a variant of former Angels partner Enberg’s “Oh, my!”, used for big, exciting plays.
  • “Swung on and belted!” – used on long fly balls that may go over the wall for a home run.
  • “It will fly away!”‘ (sometimes “Fly, fly away!”) – used for home runs.
  • “Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time!” – used for a grand slam home run by a Mariners player.
  • “The Mariners have erupted!” – used during scoring outbursts

This is a great video tribute and hats off to the kids who produced it.  It’s a Macklemore & Lewis Production, titled “My Oh My”, and instead of going into a lot of facts and statistics about Dave Niehaus, I’ve picked out some articles you might be interested in.   They’re linked at the end of this blog.  I wish I would have known him.   He sounds like the kind of guy you’d most likely want to sit around the fireside and chat with ~ don’t you just know he had some stories to tell?    Dave Niehaus ……. Thanks for making baseball come alive to so many fans.

To hear Game Day Voice of Dave Niehaus, Click here:  Dave Niehaus Audio, Courtesy Seattle Times


2 responses to “Seattle Mariner Fans ….. This One’s for You!

  1. I know you did this for Tom and me and we appreciate it. No matter how much we love our Mariners, Dave was their biggest fan. Thanks so much 🙂


  2. Well, of course, but believe it or not GFBB has a lot of Mariner fans. I’m really surprised at how many hits this “Dave Niehaus” tribute as received!


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