Barry Bonds ~ A Human Interest Story.

Thanks for indulging me one more time.  But I consider this a human interest story and I hope you’re not getting tired about the all-too-familiar incident involving Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who took a severe beating in the parking lot after a Dodger game at Dodger Stadium.   And you’ve probably heard that the family is suing the Los Angeles Dodgers to recoup their medical and out-of-pocket medical expenses.  The litigation story saddened me.  Not because they’re probably entitled to some compensation, but because of the ever-growing litigious nature of our society.

But here’s the upside to this story.  I just learned today that Bryan’s family plans to return any proceeds from a lawsuit, back  to those who generously contributed to help Bryan with his expenses in the first place.  Whether that’s necessary or not I don’t know, but people are usually very generous when they feel they’re contributing to a worthwhile cause.  I personally feel the gift benefits the donor as much as the donee.  That being said, another aspect of the story surfaced today when the attorney for the Stow family announced a Scholarship has been established for Bryan Stow’s children to fund their college education.   The scholarship is being funded by Barry Bonds.  

No matter what you might think of Barry Bonds, this is a good thing!   Of course, you can continue to think whatever you’d like about Barry personally, you know, “he can afford it, it’s just for publicity”, that type of thing; that’s your prerogative.  This is just one blogger’s opinion.   The article in this morning’s headlines is listed below. 

Article by Larry Brown, May 24, 2011.  Posted in “Baseball

 Barry Bonds was known as a surly, rude, and irritable player during his career. It was so bad that even his own teammates supposedly wanted him to get hit by pitches. But Bonds seems to have changed since he’s retired. We’ve heard many media members and people say that he’s mellowed out and become a nicer guy, and that seemed to be confirmed when we heard he went to visit Bryan Stow’s family in the hospital shortly after the beating.

Now we’re learning another detail that makes Bonds look even better.

In an interview with NBC LA, the lawyer representing the Stow family in their suit against the Dodgers says the family plans to give back donations if they win the suit. Attorney Thomas Girardi also revealed that the family plans on keeping one gift: a college scholarship donated by Barry Bonds for Stow’s children. Girardi told LBS he wasn’t sure how much the donation involved, but that he knows Bonds set up the scholarships for the children.

Stow is a single father of two children and Bonds already reportedly gave them a signed glove and bat in the hospital. Now he’s paying for them to attend college? He sure has changed, and he is making some great use of his time while he awaits a hearing in his perjury trial. Well done Barry, very well done.

Thanks to Josina Anderson for the tip

About Larry Brown:
Larry Brown has over nine years of professional sports media experience, working in online, radio, and TV capacities. He recently was a nationally syndicated sports radio host for Sporting News Radio. Follow him on twitter @LBSports 

2 responses to “Barry Bonds ~ A Human Interest Story.

  1. I’m glad Bonds is doing this, but really it just adds further support to the juicing. Now that he’s off it, he’s able to express a less angry persona.


  2. I’ve always maintained Bonds is one of those guys you either love or hate; no in-between. And like I said, if you can believe he did this for the right reasons, it’s a good thing.


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