Evan Longoria? Calm, Cool and Collected.

Well from all accounts, this is not a staged video.  This is Evan Longoria being, well, Evan Longoria.  And who said he’s only around for his good looks?  Some kind of cool huh?

3 responses to “Evan Longoria? Calm, Cool and Collected.

  1. Good catch Ryan. Evidently, Better than Longoria’s. But you have to admit Gillette sure got their money’s worth out of this video that went viral! The links pretty much say it all and thanks for sending it to us! Ronni ~ GFBB


  2. Without question – it’s an awesome video regardless.

    I first doubted it when he wasn’t really wincing in pain all that much. Yeah, he shook his hand a few times, but catching a line drive like that barehanded? Ouch!

    And of course conducting an interview during BP in that spot? That’s just nuts 🙂


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