All Star Game ….. Tongue-in-Cheek Moments!

The National League won the annual All Star Game tonight  for the second year in a row  by a  score of 5-1, giving home field advantage in the 2011 World Series to  the National League.  Here’s a few of my favorite moments ~

Adrian Gonzalez from the American League All Stars hit a home run off Cliff Lee to start the scoring that presented a sort of deja vu in my mind like “oh boy, here we go again!”  Last year was the first time the National League had won in over 13 years finally beating the American League winning streak and I thought for sure the American League was on their way to starting a new streak. 

But Prince Fielder blasted a three run homer  that contributed to the final score and gave the National League their second All Star victory in a row.  

One of the more hilarious moments in the game came when Heath Bell was called in from the bullpen and instead of jogging onto the field as a relief pitcher usually does, he decided to “run fast, really fast” to the pitcher’s mound arriving with a slide at the mound and ending up at the feet of Manager Bruce Bochy.  Pablo Sandoval who was also standing on the mound at the time couldn’t contain his laughter like others around him, but not a smidgeon of a smile could be seen on Bochy’s face, at least not from my point of view from the couch.  

Too funny was the replay of the momentous jog to the mound showing the TV camera man running behind Bell as fast as he could trying to keep up, but eventually gave it up as Bell out sprinted him by ….. a lot!   Brian Wilson, the illustrious SF Giants closer made an appearance, beard and all, and, of course, closed out the game.

Did I mention how much I missed Derek Jeter?  Derek you’ve probably heard was too tired, exhausted was the word he used, to play in the game.   Last I heard he was seen having a good time dining at a Miami restaurant today with his girlfriend, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But since Jeter was “selected” as an All Star, he’ll be receiving a $500,000 bonus as part of his contract.  I just think it would have been a nice gesture if  he would have at least attended the game for his fans who, after all, are the ones paying the tab.  But that’s just my opinion.   And I’m sure he  really was exhausted after the fantastic week he’d had with that 3000th hit and 5 for 5 game.  Okay, well maybe next year.  Baseball fans have an incredible tolerance for their perceived heroes and I’m sure they’ll be there waiting for him  again unless he decides to grace them with his appearance.   Nice job if you can get it.

All in all I felt it was one of the better All Star games.   Probably because in spite of the 16 original contestants who were selected and couldn’t or wouldn’t be  there, the ones who wanted to be there, were there.


10 responses to “All Star Game ….. Tongue-in-Cheek Moments!

  1. I really hope that they stop with the home field advantage being decided by the winner of the All-Star game. Having the game just being an exhibition didn’t lessen the enjoyment I got out of it.


  2. To be honest, I’m not sure the home field advantage really is…..The first two games are played at home but the next three are not. So what’s the advantage? Really?


  3. And how many of them actually go the full seven? In other words, fighting for home field in the AS game = meaningless 🙂 Of course the team with the advantage gets to host the first two games, and winning those gives a little momentum, so one could argue that there is an advantage there. Either way, get rid of it. The AS game is just an exhibition and there’s nothing wrong with that.


  4. By the way – love this site – addicted to it now


  5. Thanks Ryan. We bloggers have somewhat of an ego but it really is all about you and your approval, or disdain in some circumstances. Appreciate your comments.


  6. I’ve been thinking about all the tired ball players, plus those All-Stars we couldn’t see because they’d just pitched (King Felix, et al.). Plus there are the players who have All-Star quality second-halves (halfs?) that never see a vote.

    My suggestion is to move the All-Star Game to the last exhibition game of the spring, with the voting taking place throughout the prior season, ending before the playoffs. This way the players would be nice and fresh, the managers could adjust their rotations so all the All-Star pitchers could play, and the All-Stars could wear those cool stars on their uniforms for the entire season.


  7. I hear you Helen. Last year there were an incredible amount of “spring training injuries” that would make no-shows for your All Star game still a problem. I don’t think there’s a way around that, but your suggestion includes a better representation of the best players. Thanks for the comment.


  8. Or… they shorten the season back to 154 games and make the AS break a tad longer.. Just a thought.


  9. Geez, if it were up to me they’d be playing year-around. I go into withdrawals after November.


  10. I’m could deal with 154.. I’m a big hockey fan, too, so I’m covered year-round 🙂


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