Umpire makes Really Bad Call……or Does He?

Wow!  Take a look at this.  You won’t believe it.  This makes that Jim Jarvis call on the Armando Galarraga play look like play-doh!   Unfortunately, it’s another reason for the instant replay pundits to continue beating their drums.   I’m not a fan of instant replay, but I have to admit I sometimes wonder if maybe Selig might, just once in a while, override a call.  You know, like maybe once or twice a year? 

The call was made by umpire Jerry Meals during the 19th Inning of the Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Pirates game last night, giving Atlanta the win by a score of 4-3. The Braves’ runner, Julio Lugo, was clearly out as seen in the video and appears to be as surprised as the catcher was at the call.  I guess Jerry Meals wanted to go back to his hotel room and either sleep or eat a meal since it was already 2am in Atlanta.

The blog title’s a little skewed since I’m sure the runner thought the umpire made a fabulous call as did a lot of the  Braves fans.  It depends a lot on your perspective, doesn’t it?  Videos and some of the commentary  provided from D’Wizzle’s World, a Yardbarker network.


7 responses to “Umpire makes Really Bad Call……or Does He?

  1. What makes this really amusing is the fact that umpires routinely call a runner out simply based on the fact that the ball got there first.

    I still remember a horrendous missed call in the playoffs a few years back when Derek Jeter applied a phantom tag on Torii Hunter of the Twins at second base. Jeter’s glove maybe came to within a foot of actually touching Hunter. Still, he was called out.


  2. Well we know the umpire’s always right! I think it was better before all the electronics, cameras and replays on our TV screens. Since they’re not going to change the calls anyway ….do we really want to know?


  3. That was the case of an ump just wanting to go home. It would be tragic if it comes down to that one game for the Pirates and making the playoffs.


  4. Well, Twins made zero moves. And I’m sort of fine with that. I did not want to see Denard Span traded (sorry, Ben Revere is not quite there yet). And I’m not a fan of trading Cuddyer or Kubel.

    I just wish they would deal or do something with Nishioka (automatic out), Pavano, and Blackburn (both horrendous “pitch to contact” types). So we don’t make the playoffs — newsflash, it ain’t happening with those guys. Let’s give some other guys invaluable experience.



  5. I know what you mean. What the Twins haven’t done the Giants made up for. I was half-way expecting another trade 2 minutes before deadline. I understand the trades but sorry Crawford has to go back to the Minors. Hang in there ~


  6. I hadn’t seen the replay of this until just now (thanks for putting it up there Ronni!). When told about this happening in the 19th inning, I was sure the ump made the safe call deliberately to end the game. I have seen that happen before.

    But honestly, watching the slo-mo replay, I can’t be absolutely certain that the catcher made the tag, and the camera doesn’t have as good an angle as the umpire did. The umpire was actually in a good spot to see whether the catcher just missed him.

    Not saying you’re wrong at all Ronni–I remember the commissioner overturning the pine tar home run by George Brett–which he shouldn’t have, in my opinion. I don’t think the umpire’s word should always be final, but every time I hear calls for instant replay and overturning calls, I start wanting the Jeffrey Maier call overturned, and it’s a bad memory!

    Good post Ronni, keep it up.


  7. Thanks for the comment Kurt. Well for sure we know the umpire’s always right, as it should be. Otherwise we’d have to seriously look at instant replay and I agree we don’t want to do that! .


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