1969 Seattle Pilots ~ Remember When?

I love this stuff.  What a fun way to reminisce about  baseball.  I’d almost forgotten about the Pilots since in my mind I considered them more of a minor league team than the majors.   I can’t help but wonder what the Seattle old-timers feel about Bud Selig and the Milwaukee Brewers now.  I mean do you think they’re cheering for the Brewers this postseason?  It’d be interesting to talk today with the man on the street in downtown Seattle about the subject.

I found these two great back-to-back You Tube videos  from a fellow blogger at the “Pasttime Post“.   So Seattle Mariner fans and anyone else from the Pacific Northwest who remembers ….. get yourself a beer, pop, whatever, and grab some garlic fries. This one’s for you!  (Note: Contains “colorful language”!)


3 responses to “1969 Seattle Pilots ~ Remember When?

  1. Thanks for sharing the video. I loved Gary Bell’s description of the
    “Frankenstein’s monster” roster.


  2. And listening to some of Jim Bouton’s comments made me laugh out loud. I’ll probably end up buying his book. Thanks for the comment. ~ Ronni


  3. I’d venture to say Mariners fans feel about the Brewers similar to the way Sonics fans feel about the Thunder. No success for you!


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