This is the third year we’ve published this study by Dr. Don Davis.  It’s one of our most popular blogs and we’re happy to be able to share it again with you.  Be sure to link to his website  for additional information, changes and criteria he used in compiling his study.

“2011 Baseball Players Mathematical Study, written by Don Davis, Department of Mathematics, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA., and printed here with his permission.”

Pos’n First team Second team Third team Fourth team Fifth team
P,1 Roger Clemens, 266.0 Tom Seaver, 181.1 Bob Gibson, 140.4 Juan Marichal, 107.9 Curt Schilling, 85.1
P,2 Randy Johnson, 202.1 Warren Spahn, 167.5 Sandy Koufax, 137.8 Gaylord Perry, 102.8 Phil Niekro, 84.9
P,3 Greg Maddux, 197.5 Bob Feller, 157.6 Robin Roberts, 136.5 Roy Halladay, 102.1 Johan Santana, 84.6
P,4 Pedro Martinez, 187.5 Steve Carlton, 143.5 Jim Palmer, 133.2 Fergie Jenkins, 87.2 Nolan Ryan, 83.7
C Johnny Bench, 111.2 Yogi Berra, 92.9 Gary Carter, 75.6 Mike Piazza, 74.8 Ivan Rodriguez, 71.0
1B Albert Pujols, 160.6 Jeff Bagwell, 97.2 Eddie Murray, 89.5 Willie McCovey, 86.6 Harmon Killebrew, 78.8
2B Joe Morgan, 139.9 Rod Carew, 99.1 Ryne Sandberg, 93.0 Jackie Robinson, 92.5 Roberto Alomar, 84.4
3B Mike Schmidt, 183.1 George Brett, 119.5 Eddie Mathews, 111.0 Wade Boggs, 109.4 Brooks Robinson, 103.3
SS Alex Rodriguez, 152.6 Cal Ripken, 120.2 Ernie Banks, 96.0 Robin Yount, 86.6 Derek Jeter, 81.6
OF,1 Barry Bonds, 270.7 Mickey Mantle, 207.9 Frank Robinson, 139.9 Al Kaline, 117.7 Reggie Jackson, 109.9
OF,2 Willie Mays, 242.8 Stan Musial, 207.8 Rickey Henderson, 137.4 Ken Griffey, 115.6 Pete Rose, 97.6
OF,3 Ted Williams, 219.3 Hank Aaron, 200.5 Carl Yazstremski, 130.3 Roberto Clemente, 110.6 Tony Gwynn, 95.2
DH Frank Thomas, 99.2 Paul Molitor, 61.1 Edgar Martinez, 51.6

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