The Brewers’ Braun and Those Whinging Critics

Ryan Braun Speaking at a Press Conference after his Appeal was upheld.

Remember back in December when ESPN leaked confidential information that Ryan Braun had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs?   Braun vehemently denied that he had ever used any illegal substance and, facing a 50 game suspension, he appealed the results of the test.  The appeal was upheld in January, 2012 much to the pundits and critics dismay.  There was a huge outcry of “foul” against Ryan Braun, in what seemed to me to be a huge contingent against him.  So much for innocent until proven guilty huh?

At the heart of it all was the fact that Ryan Braun had been named the National League MVP in a close race between Braun and Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers.  The Kempies were out in full force crying about the injustice of it all and demanding that Braun be stripped of the MVP title and Kemp named in his place.     They were whining even before the test results were overturned but now that the decision had been made the noise of it all was deafening.

So last night when Ryan Braun smacked three home-runs out of the park and topped it off with a little old triple it somehow warmed my heart to see this kid finally getting at least a little of the respect that he deserves.   Not to take anything away from Matt Kemp.  It’s not his fault his groupies are a little lame.  And nothing’s really changed by the smack of Ryan Braun’s bat last night but it does make a statement.   It says “the MVP is mine.  I earned it, I won it and I’m wearing it proudly”.

And so it goes.  Good for you kid.  Go out and smack some more homers…..just not at AT&T Park and not against the Giants.  We’ve got enough problems finding our own rhythm this year,  you know?


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