Winning a Contest ~ The Odds!

In full disclosure I have to tell you that the winner of our current contest, David Wing from Detroit, Michigan, is the exact same person who won the two free tickets to our first contest last summer!

“What are the odds” I asked you in my previous blog.  The question is a good one, but David’s name was drawn out of the hundreds of subscribers in a total random drawing.   In the last drawing it took four random drawings to get one response, which happened to be from David Wing.   This time he was the first name drawn.

Disclosure etiquette prompts me to tell you I’ve never met David Wing and the only contact I’ve ever had with him was through these two drawings.  There’s absolutely no favoritism or nepotism involved.  Perhaps next time we’ll change the rules a bit and exclude previous winners, but this time, it’s fair and square.

So congratulations once again, David, and I hope you enjoy the book. What an interesting Monday this has turned out to be!


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