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 Celebrating Matt Cain’s Perfect Game at AT&T Park.  Giants 10, Astros 0.  Photo’s courtesy of San Jose Mercury News and (1) my Comcast TV!

I thought the World Series win would be the ultimate thrill for this San Francisco Giants fan.  But tonight at AT&T Park, Matt Cain pitched the first perfect game in the history of the franchise, and believe you me, it’s got to be the best feeling in the world for any true-blue Giants fan.

Matt’s pitching was dead-on perfect all night, but It didn’t really hit me until around the seventh inning, that this was going to be something really, really special.  It wasn’t just the pitching, but the Giants’ bats were hot all night and the incredible fielding, particularly in the 7th and the 9th innings, well all of it really, was spot-on.   An incredible team effort.

When the ball hit Belt’s mitt for that final out in the ninth, I could hardly see what was happening as my emotions got the best of me.  But I managed to see Buster Posey charge to the mound and physically lift the  6′ 3″, 235 pound Cain up and carry him probably 10 feet before everyone let their emotions rip.  Matt said later that he trusted Buster’s calls all night, never questioned one, and just let it happen.  Of course, every pitch he had was near perfect on this night, so between the two of them it was destined to happen.

Said Matt after the game, “It was an all out effort tonight and it turned out perfect.  It was awesome!” Said Buster when asked if he was nervous,  “I was as nervous as I’ve ever been on a baseball field.  It’s a different kind of nervous, different from the World Series.”

As for me, I’m exhausted, stoked! Have to go watch that game again!!  Thank you Matt Cain.  This is almost better than the World Series!!   Almost :))  Or as Chelsea Cain, Matt’s wife, expressed after the game, “This is insane!”

Here’s a great re-cap from Alex Pavlovic at the San Jose Mercury News.



  1. Loney Kennedy via Facebook: I always enjoy Ronni’s blogs, but this one was the best!


  2. “It was the fifth no-hitter in the majors already this season and second perfect game.”
    There is something wrong with this picture


  3. Maybe. But not to a Giants fan the day after.


  4. who was the brunnette next to Matt’s wife


  5. The gorgeous brunette? Ryan Vogelsong’s wife, Nicole.


  6. Part 1-We invited our Hare Krishna monk to pick any game to attend with us. He chose last night’s game and 9 of us(from 10 years to 65) went! By the 5th inning, there was an electric current running thru the game as fans began to realize what was actually happening. Tears in our eyes as we witnessed the final play!
    Part 2- at home, my son realized by the 4th inning that this may be ‘the one’ and remembering that he turned on the A’s game two weeks ago and said ‘whoa, a no hitter” and blew it– turned OFF the game and wouldn’t let anyone touch the tv until it was over! superstitious baseball fans rule!

    The most awesome game ever.
    Grateful to be a part of history. Fans will go their entire lives and not witness such greatness, strength and humility as Cain displayed last night!


  7. We usually go to the day games, but chose to watch this one at home. It’s good to hear from someone who was there, live and in person, and thanks to your son for his intuition!


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