Keith Olbermann Not Raining on This Parade!

Keith Olbermann on David Letterman’s show …..thinking about his next blooper?

Leave it to Keith Olbermann to try to rain on Cain’s parade.  I say “try” because  I’ve never really cared for him or his opinions  as they rarely have relevance to anything, and I wouldn’t have read this one either, except that it got really personal.  Personal, in that Matt Cain belongs to all of us fans here in the Bay Area and if you try to disparage him, you disparage us.

Matt Cain, ultimate pitcher!

Olbermann’s contention is that there’s “something wrong with this picture” because in his mind there have been too many no-hitters and perfect games of late, compared to the good old days.  Here’s the quote that really got my goat:

“I’m not saying the pitchers are juiced and I’m not saying there will be a mental asterisk placed some day on Cain’s perfect game …….”

But?   But what?  Truly unbelievable.   Where do they get these guys?  I mean where did they get” this” guy ~ real sports writers are starting to now proclaim that not only was this a perfect game, but that it just might be the best of all perfect games in the history of baseball.

“Where do they get these guys?”

So what makes an under performing political commentator turned so-called sports writer feel a need to take a stance that’s so off the wall it kept me awake last night?   Or am I just being overly protective of Matt Cain and the other Giants who continue to get no respect, even after this feat and the 2010 World Series triumph?

Good grief.  I can’t believe I’m wasting a half hour this morning talking about something Obie posted, as though something he writes has any relevance to anything, anytime, anywhere.

In any event, take a look here and decide for yourself.    “The Perfect Game Swarm”.


2 responses to “Keith Olbermann Not Raining on This Parade!

  1. I believe Olberman was a sports commentator (ESPN) before he was a political satirist/commentator. I get what he’s saying. Not taking anything away from Humber and Cain, who both pitched perfect games this year. Something so rare, but it’s happened twice this season? And the fifth no-hitter this season. (Are they counting my M’s no-hitter?) We’re obviously in another up-tick of pitcher dominance. It probably seems greater, too, in this post-steroid era.

    Don’t trouble yourself with Olberman’s comments. He’s made his mark by being controversial, even as a sports commentator. It’s his schtick. Cain’s game was amazing …

    and I’m glad we’re not facing him this weekend!


  2. Thanks for your comment ~ always appreciated. Nothing against your Mariners but I’m sure hoping Timmy can snap himself out of the slump tonite. I’ve always believed he’ll end up a Mariner. It’s where his heart is.


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