GFBB Note: Thoughts about Cuba playing professional baseball in the MLB? I’d be one of the first ones on the plane to Havana if this were to happen!

Marques Says

A team of collegiate baseball stars are currently representing the United States in a 5-game series in Havana, Cuba after a 16-year hiatus. The match-up between our college hot shots and the veteran Cuban national squad is a revival of a series between two baseball-lovin countries that had been suspended indefinitely.

Players and fans stood together in Cuba’s storied Latin American Stadium on Thursday night as both the Cuban and U.S. national anthems played over loudspeakers — I’m sure the U.S. national anthem is not frequently played in the communist country.

The last time Cuba and the U.S. played a series like this outside of a world tournament was in 1996. Because of the political situation between these two countries, this quick weekend series took years of relationship building to get the ball rolling again.

The U.S. sent 22 players and 5 managers to the Caribbean for a weekend to play ball…

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