Worst Ballpark Food? You Decide ~

Last month ESPN held a contest to decide the “Best Ballpark” in the major leagues.  Miller Park in Milwaukee won the contest while AT&T Park in San Francisco came in a distant second.  You can read about it in the “Related Articles” section below.  But when I read this I couldn’t help wonder if the ballpark food entered into this, because everyone knows AT&T Park is hands-down the winner in that category.  Here’s a sampling of the food at Miller Park I found this morning at “My Boyfriend Fatty’s Blog“.    I would categorize these as  “Worst #1 and Worst #2.  See what you think.

Worst Ballpark Food #1.   This is called the “Crazy Meatloaf Sandwich” from the Comet Cafe, near the Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park.  It may not be the worst, but it sure looks like it!

Worst Ballpark Food #2.  This didn’t actually look too bad until I realized what’s in it.  It’s called a “Pulled Pork Parfait” and I can only begin to wonder what the cream-colored filling is made of.   This little gem is available at a concession stand at the Brewers Miller Park.

Peanuts and crackerjacks anyone?


8 responses to “Worst Ballpark Food? You Decide ~

  1. Hello 🙂 I agree AT&T has the best ballpark food, but Miller’s ‘pulled pork parfait’ is pretty good! Who doesn’t love some meat with mashed potatoes?! But their fried cheese curds… pretty disgusting!


  2. Ahh! The cream colored stuff in the parfait is potatoes. It’s sounding better! And thanks for commenting!


  3. sjchevalier07

    I wouldn’t mind a meatloaf sandwich. I think meatloaf is delicious!


  4. Well okay, but it’s that stuff under the tomato that concerns me ~ Ronni


  5. Let’s see. Mashed potatoes, pulled pork, BBQ sauce Grated cheese, onions. I’d try one of those..


  6. Good grief! Since you put it that way …….


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