Nationals botch plans for Strasburg

GFBB Comment:  “Maybe the time to limit their ace was “before” he had to have the Tommy Johns surgery. Just saying……”

wizard of sports

The Washington Nationals announced earlier in the year that they will shut down their ace Stephen Strausburg somewhere in between 160-180 innings pitched. The team planned to be extra careful with the young star who is coming off Tommy John surgery. It seems like a great thing the team is doing looking out for his health. I have a feeling it is going to blow up in their face. The Nationals are having an amazing year and it will be a challenge to make a deep playoff run without Strasburg. All the talk about shutting him down has seemed to rattle Strasburg, his numbers the past few starts have been sub par. Strasburg has never come out and said he is having any trouble with his arm and that he wants to play it safe. Until he does this the Nationals should allow him to focus on pitching. If he…

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