The Diamond

GFBB Note: Another reminder of the passion baseball instills in us, not that we need reminding as we’re winding down the season in September. Good read ~

T.J. Kremer, III

I don’t remember the exact date my passion was first aroused. I don’t remember how old I was or what, exactly, first attracted me. It was something that just came naturally, I suppose, like breathing or eating or sleeping. What I do know for sure is that when I really think about it, I have always been in love… With baseball.

I couldn’t tell you when I saw my first game. Have no idea who was playing, whether it was a weekday or weekend game, if it was day or night. I don’t know if it was on television, or on the radio, or live in person. It could’ve been professional baseball players just as easily as it could’ve been neighborhood kids playing. But whenever and wherever it was, it hooked me for life.

Over the years I’ve watched or listened to hundreds, maybe thousands, of games. And like any…

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