2010 World Champions vs 2011 World Champions!

SF Giants vs. St Louis Cardinals
“Opening Day April, 2011”

On April 9, 2011, I wrote a blog titled “Those Classy Cardinals”.  It was opening day, the first league game after the Giants won the World Series, and they were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was a great game and the blog got a record number of views and comments.  It was one of my favorites.    Here’s a link to that post “Those Classy Cardinals”.

And then again, on November 14, 2011, I published a blog about the young, new Cardinals Manager, Mike Matheny, who had left baseball some five years earlier as a promising catcher with the SF Giants after sustaining a series of concussions.  He’d just been named as General Manager of the St Louis Cardinals and he was my new hero.  Here’s a link to that post “Mike Matheny ~ Leading by Example.”

“2011 Opening Day in San Francisco”

So there’s just a little bit of irony here as I’m settling in to watch the first game of the race for the 2012 National League Pennant between the SF Giants and the St Louis Cardinals.  Who knew?  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this series which I projected without a doubt would be  between Cincinnati and Washington. But the  Giants and Cards have this way of sneaking in and surprising everyone and now they’re the contenders. 

“Calm & Cool as a Cucumber”

But, seriously folks, there’s no dilemma here.    My home team is the San Francisco Giants (I’m a huge fan), and I really love those Cardinals.  And like many true blue baseball fans,  I just love to see a really great game no matter who wins and I think I’ve recovered enough after the 2010 World Series to be able to handle this ~ calm and cool as a cucumber.

But I’m not sure.  I’ll let you know when it’s over. 


4 responses to “2010 World Champions vs 2011 World Champions!

  1. I remember your post about the Classy Cardinals. Not only did I agree, but I rooted for them in the World Series last year too. Still…I’d love to see either of us (a coupla ladies who are big Giants fans with much respect for the Cardinals) sit and watch the WS “calm and cool as cucumbers”. I don’t know about you, but I’m likely to be a pretty fidgety cucumber. I hope it’s as epic an NLCS as there’s ever been. It think there’s a pretty good shot at that!


  2. Thanks Stacey. I was being a little facetious. I have to tape my mouth shut when company’s here during a game ~ I just go over the top! A Giants fan always, like you.


  3. Sometimes there’s a little freedom in watching all.by.yourself! : )


  4. Yes, solo is good! Tonight was just a little hiccup. We get to do this all over again tomorrow.


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