MLB Year in Review

GFBB Note: Good read with a great slide-show! Only three months and we get to do this all over again!

The Sport Addiction

The MLB season is officially finished as the San Francisco Giants took home the top prize for the second time in three years. It was a season full of controversy and of great stories that continued an era and began a new one. The Pitcher era was continue this year as the pitchers took control of the league yet again. With the steroid era over the offence settled down in past years with pitchers taking over the league and becoming the main focus. Again this year pitchers were the highlight of the season as there were 7 no-hitters in 2012 including 3 perfect games. It was a season that had more than almost any other season in the MLB as the year of the pitcher in 2010 turns into the pitching era. As the pitchers took control the MLB did something they rarely do as they changed things up for…

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