O Holy Cow: The Baseball Solstice coincides with Christmas

I’ve reblogged this guy before. Something about that New Jersey sense of humor I guess. And it’s a gentle reminder that Spring Training is coming. Some days that’s the best thing we have to look forward to, besides Christmas and the spirit of, of course

The Ball Caps Blog

The high priests have looked to the sky and determined that the Baseball Solstice will coincide with Christmas this winter, to be celebrated from sundown on Christmas Eve to sundown Christmas Day.

The Baseball Solstice, noted in this blog a year ago, marks the midpoint of the long layoff in play between the final out of the World Series and the first exhibition game of Spring Training.

Sergio Romo struck out A.L. MVP Miguel Cabrera in the bottom of the 10th inning of Game 4 of the series on Oct. 28 to complete a San Francisco sweep of the Detroit Tigers.

The next games between major league opponents begin Feb. 22 in Arizona and Florida.

As fate would have it, that makes the midpoint Dec. 25, the second most holy day in Christendom. (The first is Easter, which coincidentally marks the point at which fans of the Chicago Cubs traditionally…

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One response to “O Holy Cow: The Baseball Solstice coincides with Christmas

  1. Really appreciate the reblog. A great honor. Thank you.


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