I’m no fan of the DH, but pitchers batting has got to go

GFBB Note: I’ve posted several blogs about the designated hitter. I don’t think they belong in baseball. Pitchers should learn to bunt well and even accidentally hit the ball on occasion. But here’s another look at the subject, which is going to be around for a long, long time.


Anna Hiatt argues for the DH to expand to the NL.  We all know the parameters of this argument by now and have engaged in it many times, so allow me to offer up my opinion on the matter in a way that attempts to eschew the religious war vibe of this time-worn debate.

I am an NL partisan. I have been since I started following the Braves in the mid-1980s. I’m not a fanatic about it, and it matters far less now than it did back before interleague play, realignment and new ballpark construction blurred the distinctions between the leagues, but I still remain an NL guy. And part of that is, yes, I like pitchers batting.

I like pitchers hitting for the same reasons I like medium-rare steaks, pale-skinned brunettes, Batman, bourbon and a lot of regrettable 1980s synth pop: personal taste. These things just strike me…

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4 responses to “I’m no fan of the DH, but pitchers batting has got to go

  1. I’m with you. Now that he’s signed on for three more years, there’s no way I want to be deprived of the entertainment of Santiago Casilla’s at-bats…and really, it’s a whole lot of fun to see Bumgarner or Cain hit one out of the park. I’d argue it’s probably more fun than seeing Sandoval hit one out. It’s just so…unexpected!


  2. I had Bum and Cain in mind while reading the comments on Calcaterra’s original post. But for sure Casilla belongs in there also!


  3. Have you guys ever watched Lincecum or Zito bat ?
    it is ridiculous to have to watch their pathetic attempts !


  4. From the AP 10/25/12: “Zito even added an RBI single in the fourth, following up his bunt base hit in Friday’s win, as Giants starting pitchers drove in a run for the fourth straight game.” Pathetic attempts? Don’t think so, and the Detroit Tigers probably didn’t think so either.


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