Lesson’s Learned: Sleep With One Eye Open

“Innocent until proven guilty”. I’ve been thrashing around for the past few days trying to put into words how I feel about this year’s lack of Hall of Fame nominees. Bill does a pretty good job with this post.

The On Deck Circle

Honestly, I was not going to comment on yesterday’s Hall of Fame voting results.

Too many keyboards have suffered enough over that topic the past couple of days.  But I read a comment by a member of the BBWAA today that I have to admit irked me a great deal  (I won’t name him; there’s no reason to give him greater exposure.)

This writer said (and I’m paraphrasing) that he was very glad that no one was elected in this year’s HOF voting because it teaches our children a lesson that cheaters and cheating will not be tolerated.  Otherwise, he claimed, our children would come away with the opposite lesson, that cheating can and will be rewarded.

Fine, but here are some other lessons our children can take away from yesterday’s HOF voting:

1)  In our culture, you are now guilty until proven innocent.  Moreover, the court of public opinion…

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5 responses to “Lesson’s Learned: Sleep With One Eye Open

  1. Without beating a dead horse here, my feeling is they should all get in. If the Hall promises to be a historical tribuite to the game, then not voting in the game’s greatest singles hitter (Rose), one of the greatest five-tool players (Bonds), and the greatest power pitcher (Clemens) then you’re lying to the game. It’s lying by omission. In nonfiction—my written genre—it’s almost as bad as flat-out fabrication.

    Bonds and Clemens are alleged cheaters, but by today’s standards so are all the amphetamine poppers of the 70s. The rules change and who they heck knows who was on what and when. Vote ’em in, don’t ignore it, and keep trying to clean up the game.

    I gotta go to work!


  2. Ronni, I just wanted to say thank you for re-blogging my post! I appreciate that very much.


  3. Glad to do it Bill. I’m always glad when I find a post that says what I want to say. It rather validates my feelings on the subject.


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