Brooklyn Atlantics 1865 baseball card auction could fetch $100,000 or more…..

Note: You just never know what you’ll find at those garage sales. This one was in a binder with some other cards ~ I hope someone took time to check out the other cards in that binder!


A 148-year-old team photo of the amateur Brooklyn Atlantics, which the Library of Congress calls “the first dated baseball card,” might fetch $100,000 or more when it goes up for auction next month in Maine. Problem is, nobody knows exactly how much it’s worth.
Only two Atlantics cards are known to exist — the other having been in the Library’s archives since the 1880s, when the photographer Charles Williamson submitted the photo for copyright.
Of course, this card is not like the contemporary baseball cards your mom threw away when she cleaned out the attic back in the ’70s. It’s not even like the tobacco cards of the late 19th century, either. It’s an original photograph, mounted on a card, that features nine uniformed players gathered around a bearded manager in a suit who appears ready for a Civil War reenactment. Or maybe even the real thing. It…

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2 responses to “Brooklyn Atlantics 1865 baseball card auction could fetch $100,000 or more…..

  1. Perfect that it was picked up at a yard sale in Maine. I lived in Maine for over 20 years, and my wife and I always used to refer to Maine as “America’s attic.” This is why.


  2. I may have to rethink what I do on my Saturdays!


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