GFBB Note: I have to agree. This is my favorite of all baseball movies. Kevin Costner is the “ultimate guy” as Kelly Preston puts it. I’ve watched it at least eight times and undoubtedly will watch it eight more. I really enjoyed “Moneyball” this past year and I have DVD’s of most others, but the ultimate prize in my baseball collection is “For Love of the Game”. Good job on this movie review.

Another Plot Device

I don’t know about you guys, but I really like it when Kevin Costner stars in sports movies.  It doesn’t matter if it is Golfing, Cycling or Baseball, he just has the right look and feel for being this Joe Sportsman.  Granted he has only been in like 5 sports movies total, each one of them are incredibly touching and memorable in particular way.  I don’t much care for the shoehorned love interest angle that they have to put into the movie, but something about watching him struggle in the game he loves to play just gets the best emotional reaction.  I have already covered American Flyers, Tin Cup and Field of Dreams, so today’s is another underrated baseball movie that also happens to be directed Sam Raimi.  YES that Sam Raimi who made Evil Dead.  Who would have thought he had a touching, sentimental look at…

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  1. I dig this movie too. Though, like most people, I lean toward “Bull Durham”. Maybe it’s the catcher in me, maybe it’s my senseless drive to get out of the “minors”, I’m not sure. I’ve got a bit of Crash Davis in me. That movie speaks to me more.


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