Mickey Mantle Shares Billy Martin ….. Youtube

If you watch the video on full screen there’s not a thing to prevent you from imagining you’re sitting right there as he tells his story.  Mickey Mantle was my teen-age heart throb and it never really went away.  Maybe it was that soft spoken southern drawl or maybe it was just his dang good looks.  But no matter, I wasn’t the only one.  Thousands became immediate fans of the shy, freckle-faced  baseball player from Oklahoma.   Here he tells an entertaining story about his friend, Billy Martin, that has very little to do with baseball! 


4 responses to “Mickey Mantle Shares Billy Martin ….. Youtube

  1. That is an absolutely awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Reblogged this on The On Deck Circle and commented:
    One of the best Billy Martin stories ever, shared by none other than The Mick. Found it on Garlic Fries and Baseball Blog. Enjoy!


  3. Bill, thanks . I think you’re the first reblog I’ve had, though I’ve posted quite a few here. Thanks again ~ R.


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