42 Movie Review (Video)

GFBB Note: The reviewer gave this movie a 4.5/5. I’m looking forward to seeing a good baseball movie ~ maybe next week. It’s been a long dry spell since “MoneyBall” and I’m ready for more! Thanks to Leather Wing Media for this thoughtful review.

Leather Wing Media

Jackie Robinson integrated professional sports and became a symbol for America.

His number, 42, is the only number retired throughout all of baseball.  42 the movie is his story.

The national sport of baseball has symbolically represented America from the organized crime generated dive that the Chicago Black Sox took in 1919 and in the war effort of World War II.  In 1947, Jackie Robinson and Brooklyn Dodgers part-owner Branch Rickey challenged the unwritten color-barrier rule that split the nation in two.

42 conveys the significance and tribulations of this event brilliantly, and in that is its greatest triumph.  Telling Robinson’s story on the silver screen (in color) is way overdo, and I’m happy to see that the script we have been hearing about floating around Hollywood for years turned out to be sharp, smart, quick-witted, and real.

The events in the movie take place from Branch Rickey’s decision…

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