A Baker’s Dozen Things You Should Know About Lefty O’Doul

The title of this blog caught my eye – I’m a fan of anything Giants and Lefty definitely qualifies. I’ve been to Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant in San Francisco many times. I’d liken it to a great little Jewish Deli as far as the great corned beef and pastrami goes, and the photographs on the wall are probably comparable in numbers and value to Mickey Mantle’s restaurant in New York. This baker’s dozen was fun to read but wish it were longer. I wanted it to go on and on. Thanks for writing it ~ Good read!

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1. He was born Francis Joseph O’Doul in 1897 in San Francisco.

2. In 1912 he played for his school team, whose coach was female. O’Doul credited her with teaching him fundamentals of the game. The next year he dropped out of school to work with his father as a butcher.

3. Playing semipro ball on Sundays brought him to the attention of the San Francisco Seals minor league team. He signed as a pitcher in 1917.

4. After a stint in the Navy in World War I, O’Doul was picked up by the Yankees in 1919. He played for them in 1919 and 1920, did little, and was sent back to San Francisco for 1921.

5. In 1922 he was back with the Yankees, Again he didn’t do much and was sent to Boston. With the Red Sox he did pick up his only pitching win in 1923 (He was…

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