Congress is going to wade into PEDs in football? Where’s my popcorn?

Well, good luck with that! Congress and football I mean. I love it when I get a chance to whine about politics and still remain true to my first love, baseball. I’m thinking about the IRS going after Barry Bonds and after three years of getting nowhere, resorted to going through his garbage cans at 3AM, and still getting nowhere. Good grief. What a waste of time and money it’s been. It’s not like the government doesn’t have anything to do. Well, it is kinda sorta like that. I mean they have plenty to do they just aren’t doing it. Well, one thing they’re “trying” to do IMHO is to try and steer attention away from the important things, the things that matter. Does Benghazi, IRS harrassment, and spying on Americans ring a bell? This is great fun. I got to spout off about politics and post a blog at the same time. Thanks Craig Calcaterra. Your posts are always good for something! (In my humble opinion).


One response to “Congress is going to wade into PEDs in football? Where’s my popcorn?

  1. You go girl!


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