How to Handle a Heckler!

I’m looking over my video library and had to chuckle as I remembered the first time I watched this one starring Tony Gwynn in the outfield. What a classy guy. Here he is just doing his job waiting for the ball to come his way, when some of the fans start giving him a hard time. I know, I know, it’s just part of baseball. But the way he reacts to the taunts and teasing is pretty comical. If all our ballplayers practiced the same sense of humor instead of taking it personal and reacting negatively, which is what the fans (shame on them) are expecting of course, it would save a lot of hurt feelings.

If you’ll listen closely you’ll notice the fans actually start joining in on the fun, and it becomes one comical stunt with everyone participating, well almost everyone. Thought you might enjoy this.


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