Fashion on the Field …… You think?

The Baseball Dress!

The Baseball Dress!

Okay.  I’ve been a little busy these past few months.  Well, really busy.  But when this tweet came across my desk I couldn’t resist.  And you have to admit it has a “little” to do with baseball.   I’ll take time to read the article later because I’m busy, but I’m dying to find out how much the thing weighs.  I’m sure there’s a reason she’s sitting down, with stiletto’s no less!  They’re all New York Mets baseballs, not that the Mets have anything to do with it.

Anyhow, just trying to get through tax season and make it to the start of baseball season.   Thanks for indulging me.  Now back to work.



2 responses to “Fashion on the Field …… You think?

  1. Hey I can across your post…. The dress weighs not much more then a leather jacket. Not too bad, right? The balls were all used practice and game balls from the Mets. They have been unbelievable supportive and love the concept. It’s a fundraiser and will be raffled to benefit the local little league. The model will even wear the dress and throw out the first pitch at the last game of Spring Training. It has the entire teams autograph and has been authenticated. It’s golden for any true Mets fan. With the value being estimated well over $10k, I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to the local club. It’s a piece of art, as I am a wearable artist. It’s more memorabilia or conversation piece!


  2. Thanks for taking the time to write Jen. It’s a real honor to hear from the actual designer of the baseball dress!


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