They Deserve Better …….

An interesting article in “Reflections” this week by Steve Contursi.   He’s commenting on the emotions of  baseball player Wilmer Flores on being traded from the Mets, where he began his career, to Milwaukee, and the impact of trades throughout the industry.

Troy Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki

I’m reminded of this as I listened to Troy Tulowitzki’s account of how he found out about being traded last week.  Tulo had an affinity for the National League and for all intents and purposes had asked to remain there. Instead they not only sent him to the AL, but out of the country to Toronto. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he found out about it in the 9th inning of a game he was playing in, as they escorted him out the door.  Tulo surely deserved better than that.

Just another reminder that baseball is a business.  A huge business, subject to both the good and bad aspects of such and it probably won’t be changing anytime soon.  But it doesn’t stop the rest of us from empathizing with the guys.   After all, aren’t we helping to pay their salaries?     In a small sort of way don’t they really belong to all of us?   They deserve better, in my humble opinion, of course.


2 responses to “They Deserve Better …….

  1. I agree entirely! I just wrote about how the front offices could show a little common decency and professional courtesy when informing their players of trades, DFA’s, or moves up/down the system. Orioles reliever Tommy Hunter learned of his trade to the Cubs last week via reports on Twitter … the same reports I was seeing. I just don’t think fans and reporters should know before the player. A player shouldn’t learn he’s got a new job via social media or in the middle of a game. That’s just basic courtesy.

    (I’m so glad the trade deadline has passed, so we can focus on baseball again … )


  2. Thanks for your comments Jackie and for taking the time to write. Good stuff and I really enjoy your website. It “almost” makes me want to take up Yoga:)) I’m wondering if you’d like to be on the “Blogroll” for my new website? It’s by invitation only. Take a look and see what you think


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