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Most Valuable Player? ….. You Decide!

I watched a TV Special recently about Juan Marichal, the former SF Giants pitcher, and I was surprised to learn that he  had never won the Cy Young Award.

Justin Verlander

And then again last week a discussion was had on whether an MVP could, or should, also be named a Cy Young winner.  This was concerning Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers who holds most of the AL pitching records this season.  The reasoning was that the MVP should be awarded to a field player who’s generally on the field every day, compared to the pitcher who pitches every four or five days on a rotation.  Supposedly that’s the reason the Cy Young Award came about ~ to be able to honor the pitchers who are not visible on a daily basis.

Juan Marichal

The Marichal program was still very much in my mind when I came across an article (referenced below) about the worst MVP “snubs” in baseball history.  I found it very interesting that so many of the most popular players were slighted as MVP’s back then.  Maybe they weren’t as popular in their day as they’ve become later on, and posterity has been kind to them.   But probably not.  The MVP selections always seem to provoke some sort of controversy each year and its understandable.  Those pesky statistics always seem to get in the way of those you and I consider to be the most valuable.  Not always of course, but sometimes.

Here’s a link to the article, submitted by Tim Handorf,  10 Worst MVP Snubs in Baseball History  published at bestonlinecolleges.com .  Take a look and see what you think!


A Team in Contention you Say?

Carlos Beltran

It’s settled.  From now on any newcomer that signs with the Giants will automatically be put on the Disabled List as a precaution.  Do not stop, do not pass go ….. I have to tell you, when we got word that Carlos Beltran signed with the Giants the first thing I said ~ no really ~ the very first thing I said was ” I wonder how long it will take him to hit the DL!”  So how long has it been?   Sixteen days you say?  So okay, he isn’t officially on the DL, not yet, but take a look at of the Giants who have been;    Barry Zito, Jonathan Sanchez, Cody Ross, Zito again, Buster Posey, Freddie Sanchez, Santiago Casilla, Zito again, Brian Wilson, Mark DeRosa, Manny Burriss, Pat Burrell, DeRosa again, and now ….. Beltran?   Good grief!  How is it possible these guys have been able to be in a position to even remotely smell first place, let alone set foot in it for a few weeks. Here’s the latest post from D. L. Short, over at NBC Sports……

“Carlos Beltran  is out of the starting lineup for the fourth straight game tonight with a strained right hand/wrist and it sounds like the Giants are close to making a decision about placing him on the disabled list.

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that Beltran has only made “marginal improvement” since receiving a cortisone shot Wednesday. While he was able to pick up a bat today for the first time since the injury, he is still feeling some pain in the back of his hand when he swings.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said they plan to wait until tomorrow to see if he makes further progress, but it sounds like a roster move isn’t far away.

“It’s so vital to swinging the bat to have your hand healthy enough to take a normal swing,” Bochy said. “Once he feels strong enough to handle the bat and take a normal swing, we’ll do it. We can’t risk losing him for a long period of time. We’ve got to be smart about it. This is a sensitive area.”

I might mention  Nate Schierholtz is out of the lineup for the second straight game tonight with a sore right hip.   And this is a team of youngsters compared to the rest of the league.   Personally, I’d rather they be cursed with no-hit-itis virus ….. oh, excuse me, they are …..than this malady of crazy intangibles that have befallen them as a team.

All I can say is it’s getting to be a really long season and there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon that’s going to make it go any faster.   Is it postseason yet?  I’m just asking,  you know,  just asking.

Update!  Take a look at this……It shouldn’t take Beltran on the DL to bring back  Brandon Belt, but we’ll try anything at this point!