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Casey at the Bat …… “The Response”

On August 16, 2010, I posted a blog about “Buster at the Bat ….” talking about Buster Posey, but referencing that wonderful old poem, Casey at the Bat.   It’s as popular now as it was when it was  first published in The San Francisco Examiner on June 3, 1888.   A friend thoughtfully supposed the reason the poem is still so loved is because the same emotions, rivalries and competitive spirit are as relevant today as when it was first written.    I found this wonderful sequel to “Casey” at the Baseball Almanac .   “Casey’s Revenge” , written 18 years after Casey at the Bat, is an answer to the rivalry between the legendary pitcher who started all the trouble and Casey.   Believe it or not, it’s almost as fun as the original.  Here, see what you think  ~

Casey’s Revenge by Grantland Rice ©
Published: The Speaker (06-1907)
There were saddened hearts in Mudville for a week or even more;
There were muttered oaths and curses- every fan in town was sore.
“Just think,” said one, “how soft it looked with Casey at the bat,
And then to think he’d go and spring a bush league trick like that!”
All his past fame was forgotten- he was now a hopeless “shine.”
They called him “Strike-Out Casey,” from the mayor down the line; Continue reading