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“Don’t Stop Believing” ……….SF Giants Version

Sorry,  I just couldn’t resist.    I guess it’s because I belong to so many Giants Blog Groups I keep finding these things, but honest, I’ll post  the really good ones about other teams as I come across them.  This is one of  those and I wanted to share it with you.   Steve Perry from Journey fame is an avid Giants fan so his handprint’s all over this video.  Thanks for indulging me one more time!    GFBB


Guess who’s following us on Twitter !

This is great!  I just received an email that Major League Baseball is now following this blog on Twitter!   It’s just pretty exciting to know our little blog is recognized to have at least some merit.  MLB follows less than 1% of the Blogs that follow them so I feel very lucky to have been chosen.  GFBB was started on May 10, 2010, and in it’s short life has received over 3,200 hits.   It has a regular following of baseball fans and for that I truly thank you!   It’s just a lot of fun and I hope it can go on for years.  Okay.  It’s midnight and I’m going to bed now.  Totally exhausted from watching the Giants and their 16-5 victory, and now this news from MLB ~  it’s just too much excitement for one night!   Thanks again.  Baseball fans are the greatest!   We’ll talk again soon :))