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Neil Diamond on the Diamond at Fenway

I’ve been to Fenway Park on two separate occasions and both times the music  rang out as loud as you can possibly imagine and was absolutely fantastic.  The first song belted out by 35,000 crazy fans was The Kingston Trio’s  “MTA.  This had a very personal meaning  for all of us out-of-towners who triumphantly mastered the friendly transit system that very day.    The second was the wonderful classic “Sweet Caroline” and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

"So good....So good...So good...So good!

“So good….So good…So good…So good!

To tell you the truth I’ve never quite figured out what Sweet Caroline has to do with Boston or baseball, but it doesn’t matter.   The fans have made it their song and if you’ve ever stood and waved your arms and shouted and yelled “So Good!” at the top of your voice (and you will ~ it’s contagious) in unison with 35,000 other fans it will be your song too. 

I love this YouTube video.   It brings back wonderful memories of Boston, Fenway and baseball.  And it reminds me of how proud I am to be a patriotic flag waving American .  Not that I need reminding.  Some things are engraved so firmly on the spirit and the soul they can bring you to tears.  They surface often and they surface when you least expect them.  For me, baseball and patriotism are two of those things.  

Thank you for this week Boston.  You did good!