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A Few Baseball Oddities ~ Statistically Speaking

Nolan Ryan & Robin Ventura's friendly encounter after Ventura charged the mound. Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

Here’s a great post I found this morning from one of our GFBB’s Recommended Websites, William Miller’s “The On Deck Circle” .   Bill tends to write rather lengthy articles  so I’m posting a portion to peak your interest.  The complete article is linked  below.  It’s about the pitchers deemed the hardest to hit in all of baseball and includes some of the best and worst in other positions.  I think you’ll enjoy this.

February 6, 2012   William Miller’s  “On Deck Circle”


Every once in a while, as I’m doing some research for this blog, I’ll come across a baseball statistic that catches me off guard.

I’m not suggesting that no one else has ever noticed any of these odd items before, but if they are new to me, they might just be new to you, too.

To begin with, which particular pitchers in baseball history do you think were the toughest to hit against (Hits / 9 Innings)?

Did you say Walter Johnson?  Well, O.K., he is 33rd on the all-time list having given up 7.47 hits per nine innings in his career.  Randy Johnson?  You’re getting warmer.  He is 22nd on the list.

Remember, we are not talking about WHIP here.  Just hits per nine.

Yes, of course, it was Nolan Ryan.  He was the Number #1 toughest pitcher to hit, having given up just 6.55 hits per nine.  Not a surprise.  But keep reading.  (Click here to continue reading the complete article from Bill Miller’s The On Deck Circle.)