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Catching the Nubious Knuckleball!

GFBB Note: I never could figure out why there was such a fuss about that crazy knuckleball. It only took one look at this video and I got it! Whew ….. that a pitcher could continually throw such a pitch is amazing! That a catcher could catch it? Phenomenal ~  

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Endless Summer

I came across this picture on the internet a couple weeks ago. Love it. I love the way the catcher is doing the best he can back there to catch it. Barely any spin on that pitch, and it dances up to the plate.

r-a-dickey-knuckleball (1)

It reminds me of Jim Bouton and his book Ball Four – one of the books I plan on picking up this spring. In fact, I should start it soon, as I believe the book starts in spring training, 1969.

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Game Shows and Crossword Puzzles ~ Get Your Baseball Smarts in Order!

Baseball's Einstein

If you want to practice and/or test your knowledge of all things baseball, here are a few little ditties you might be interested in.

BASEBALL I.Q.”   MLB Network’s first-ever game show is hosted by MLB Network’s Matt Vasgersian and airs Tuesdays through Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET.  It’s a  30 minute trivia show featuring two participants from opposing teams, with a chance to win up to $45,000 for charity.    I found out quickly how much I don’t know, but it’s still a lot of fun to play along.

Rick Swain ~ Baseball Crossword Puzzles

A  BASEBALL CROSSWORD PUZZLE?   Who knew?  Rick Swain has a great website that includes a weekly crossword puzzle all about baseball .  If you’re one of those fans who like to keep their baseball IQ skills honed, this is for you!  You can even sign up for a notification of Rick’s weekly crossword puzzle delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up through Rick’s website, Rick Swain Author of  Books About Baseball’s Unsung Heroes.