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Triple Play…….. Or Is it? Take A Look!

I had to watch this several times and then again in slow motion to see what all the fuss was about.  Here’s the sequence of events as I see it.  Center fielder touched the ball 2) CF missed the ball 3) ball then bounced off CF’s head 4) he then fielded the ball 5) threw it to second 6) and the 2nd baseman then throws  it to first for the triple play.  Whew ….. you can read about it below and it makes a little more sense.  A great play especially for a minor league player but still a little comical huh?

“Omaha Storm Chasers vs. Nashville Sounds, yesterday. Triple-A-y baseball even by Triple-A baseball standards. We’ll set the scene for you: men on first and second, no one out, Clint Robinson up for Omaha. Logan Schafer is in center field.

The ball bounces off Schafer’s glove, then off his head, then it goes back into his glove. One out. He throws it back in awfully quickly—we can assume, then, he wasn’t concussed—and second baseman Eric Farris steps on his base. Two out. Farris then throws it over to first baseman Mat Gamel, and that’s three.

Said Schafer, per MILB.com:   “It was a little bit of disbelief and a lot of humor. When the ball hits you on your head, it’s pretty embarrassing, but I’m glad I could catch it. They were all laughing quite a bit, it’s a pretty funny play. Everyone was kind of in disbelief and they were all cracking up.”   Schafer said the Sounds submitted the play to ESPN with hopes of seeing it make it onto SportsCenter.  We hope Deadspin will suffice.

Not quite as tidy as the Red Sox’s triple play from Tuesday, but that’s why these are the minor leagues. They’ll get better.”

Video via WOWT-TV, h/t Minda.