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Day 7. Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs!

Friday, 7/2/2010.  1:20PM Game time   Left our hotel and boarded the bus this morning at 7:00AM so we’d have time to tour around Wrigley Field before the game started.  This is a very old and historic field with lots to do and see.   When we left for the tour one week ago I was told to be sure and try the “Italian Beef” roll at Wrigley, that ‘s the only place you can get the original “Italian Beef” so I set out to be sure and do just that.  And I did!   Whatta treat!   You can load it up with sweet and/or hot peppers and condiments of all kinds, but I chose to take just the beef on a bun with sweet peppers, because that’s what I was told to do!   It was exactly as described to me and I’ll be sure and thank those who recommended it. 

The most popular food at Wrigley I’m told, and it must be true if you look at the fans waiting in line, is the Chicago Dog!  But the dogs here are Ballpark Franks unlike the Nathans used at Yankee stadium and I think there’s a difference.  Maybe I was just a little more hungry at Yankee Stadium or could it possibly be that I’d already eaten that huge Italian Beef?    But officially the Chicago Dog is the food of choice at Wrigley Field!   Also prices are better here.  Hot dogs are $4.75 vs $5 – $7.50 at Yankee Stadium.

I really have to spend just a bit of time talking about the ballgame today.   Final score Cincinnati 12 – Chicago 0.  Ugghh……. Reds scored 8 runs in the 7th inning alone!    The  Reds went through their entire lineup in the 7th inning with only one hit before it all broke loose (this included 5 walks)!   What’s interesting here is the Cubs have lost 20 of their last 30 games but you’d never know it by looking in the stands.  Over 40,000 in attendance cheering as if this was a game of monumental importance in the standings.   Cubbie fans have a reputation of being rough and rowdy and I’ve experienced this before.  But not today.  Today these were  just loyal fans hoping for better from their beloved team.   It wasn’t there.   But I’ll bet tomorrow they’ll be back at the ballpark cheering the team on.    Lots of parks are losing attendance and it’s usually because the team is doing poorly, i.e., Baltimore Orioles.  The Oriole game we just saw  had around 25,000 in attendance.  This was a beautiful park with the visiting team (Washington Nationals)  located only a few miles away.  The stadium should have been packed.  So you have to hand it to the Chicago Cub fans.  They’re definitely not fair weather fans.   They love their Cubs!

I’ve always had this stereotype of Chicago in my mind that resembles inner-city slums and poverty.  Perhaps of recent we’ve been made to believe that or maybe it’s just the politics of the whole thing that slanted me in that direction.  In any event, don’t believe it.  Chicago has some beautiful areas and I tried to capture a few thru the bus windows as we were driving the Lakefront area on the way to the park.   That, along with the incredible skycraper landscapes, puts a whole new idea of Chicago in my mind.  Here are a few so you can get the idea.  If you’ve been to Chicago you already know this.   So there you have it!   We leave tomorrow morning for home and I’ll write some final notes on our trip! 


Day 2. Minnesota Twins vs. New York Mets!

Sunday, 6/27/2010.    Got up early and trudged to the bus after a hurried continental breakfast this morning!   Our drive this morning took us to downtown New York City,  Queens to be exact, and to the beautiful Citifield Ballpark .  It was hot!  Don’t really know what the weather reports will read in the AM because hot is hot and no matter how I try to describe it, you won’t be able to feel the soaking wet shirts, swollen, puffy feet,  and wet hair and no place to escape from the heat.  Actually, it wasn’t even sunny most of the time, just a big overcast, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s that crazy humidity!   For those of you who’ve experienced this, no need to say anything, and for those of you who haven’t,  anything I say won’t be adequate.

But the game was great.  At least for the Mets fans!  Final score 6-0.  So for the first two games we’ve attended the home teams have won.  I want to comment on the Mets fans, and the Oriole fans too for

Mets & Twins Game

that matter, but especially the Mets.   They’re intense!   Part of the fun of being a baseball fan is people watching!   Watching the players, the coaches, the managers, ballpark staff and the fans.    Maybe it’s because this was a Sunday afternoon game, but I was touched by the number of families with young children.  And these kids were all decked out in caps, shirts, shoes and even some mitts, proudly showing their loyalty to their beloved Mets!   I think maybe the intensity is because they’ve lived in the shadow of the Yankees for so long

Best Mets Food? Nathan's Hotdogs!

and are always having to prove themselves worthy opponents.  But whatever reason, they’re sincere and they truly love their team.  It was fun to watch and I was caught up in the atmosphere of it all!

Probably the highlight of Day 2 for me was the group trip on the New York MTA Subway system to Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant, downtown Manhattan!   Loud, noisy, scary and adventuresome!    That’s how I’d describe my subway experience!  I can’t imagine daily commuting in this mannerand have a whole new respect for the average New Yorker who does.  Dan herded us like a bunch of cats and we finally got it, taking sometimes three tries to get thru the turnstiles.  Sounds simple enough but if you didn’t time it just right you had to go back, repurchase another ticket and start over again.   The system seems archaic in comparison to Boston and London’s, just my personal observation.

The food at Mickey Mantle’s was good.  Not great, but good, and you’d still have to give it at least a 3* rating  for the ambiance and great sports pictures and autographs that grace the entire facility.  Probably seats around 300 – but not nearly as full for a Sunday afternoon as I would have expected.  It was a real treat and I would have liked to spend at least a few hours just looking at all the pictures.    A lot of history and memories in this place!

It’s taken me longer than usual to write tonight.  I was caught up in the final innings of the Yankees/Dodgers game, which was Dodgers 6-2 when I turned it on and now find at the bottom of the 9th Mariano Rivera fanned 3 in a row and the score is tied 6-6 putting it into  overtime!    Yankees then go ahead and score 2 runs in the 10th and once again Rivera fanned 3 in a row to end the game with Yankees over Dodgers 8-6.    Fans were  loud and wild!   Don’t you just love baseball?  Down to the last pitch!   Sorry, I had to digress.  I’d written off the game as a Dodger win and I should have known better!      Tomorrow ……. Hall of Fame @ Cooperstown!