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A Thanksgiving Poem to Baseball

"Here's to the little kid in all of us"

I’m  enjoying a visit with my family this week so I’m taking the Thanksgiving holiday a little early.  Here’s a poem that can easily be construed as one of  thanksgiving when looking back over the years and realizing how important baseball has been in my  life.

                                                   Dreams and Things        

  • If you had told me way back then
  • That baseball diamonds filled with men
  • Would somehow make my life a den
  • Of hopes and dreams and acumen
  • I doubt I would have listened.
  • That memories from way back then
  • of Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays,
  • Of Whitey Ford and double plays
  • Would somehow make my older days
  • Much better than my childhood Continue reading

Why I love Baseball? It’s a Family Thing…..Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

From The Baseball Docent:  I love hearing why people love baseball. We all love the sport for different reasons; however, a common theme among many who love the game is that the sport some how connects them to their families in some way; usually their dad.    Here’s one of those stories:

Note:  This is a reprint from a recent post I wrote that appeared in The Baseball Docent Blog.  I wanted to share it with you today, since it’s  Thanksgiving Day, and it just seems appropriate.  GFBB
October 7, 2010.  “I think baseball’s a family thing. When I was growing up my parents were baseball fanatics and to be honest, I never understood it. Oh sure, I liked baseball when I was a kid; I collected cards, idolized Mickey Mantle… the usual stuff. Continue reading