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Dodger Fans ….. On Saving the American Flag!

Happy 4th of July!

This YouTube video was uploaded by giramino on Jun 10, 2008, and this is an excerpt from the comment that was posted with the video:

“On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, grabbed and secured the American flag from two individuals as they were attempting to burn our flag in the middle of the playing field. It was an outstanding display of American Patriotism.”

I particularly liked that this incident took place at Dodger Stadium, because it’s been in the news lately as being maybe not such a great place to attend a ball game.  But great fans are everywhere including Dodger Stadium and little things like God Bless America, sung  by the home team fans, the Dodger fans,after the incident, is symbolic of baseball fans in every stadium.  And even though this happened over 35 years ago, it’s a reminder that patriotism is alive and well in the USA.   Happy 4th of July everyone!


Much ado about nothing ……. Popular Baseball Quotes!

Here’s some fun quotes courtesy of  Baseball Almanac  that haven’t made it to the GFBB sidebar yet !  Just trying to kill time till baseball season folks!

  •  “All I remember about my wedding day in 1967 is that the Cubs lost a double-header.” George Will Source: USA Weekend (04/01/1990)
  • “Aw, how could he (Jorge Orta) lose the ball in the sun, he’s from Mexico.” Harry Caray
  • I would always sing it (Take Me Out To The Ball Game), because I think it’s the only song I knew the words to!” Harry Caray.
  • “They (Expos fans) discovered ‘boo’ is pronounced the same in French as it is in English.” Harry Caray
  • “He (Darryl Strawberry) is not a dog; a dog is loyal and runs after balls.” Tommy Lasorda
  • “He (Fernando Valenzuela) wants Texas back (in respect to his contract demands).  Tommy Lasorda “Source: Sports Illustrated (December 28, 1961)   Continue reading