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ronnis-website-photoBaseball’s been in my blood since I was six years old.  The garlic fries came later.  Dad played minor league ball in Longview, Washington, back in the 1940’s when most small towns in the Pacific Northwest had organized ball of some sort.  Well, he didn’t actually play in the minors.  It was more like semi-semi minor pro, but to a kid it might as well been the minors.  Maybe even the Majors!

Dad taught me how to score ballgames early on.  We lived out in the boonies on the Oregon Coast in a small town called Port Orford.  On game days, I had my homemade scorecard ready  with line-ups gathered from the morning paper, pencils sharpened and ready to go.  I carefully recorded every play, every pitch, every strike and every hit.  When dad walked through the door at night I proudly presented him with my masterpiece of a scorecard and we’d go over the game, play by play.  These were special times and I remember them fondly.

And in junior high when the other kids had Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry pasted on their lockers I had a full size shot of Mickey Mantle with that glorious bat thrown over his shoulder staring straight at me every time I opened that locker door.  I was obsessed! Now, many years later, I’m going on an 8 day baseball trip and the blog begins!   It’s an organized tour that starts in Baltimore and ends in Chicago and includes the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

My dream and love of baseball continues and I want to share it with anyone who wants to hear about it!    I’ve found the perfect venue for my webpage ~ WordPress to the rescue!    Ronni Redmond, Santa Cruz CA.   May, 2010.

Note:  A little shameless self-promotion ~ On August 12, 2011, I published my very first book, “Garlic Fries and Baseball: The Book“.   It’s a compilation of some of my blogs with additional stuff thrown in.  I had a lot of fun writing it and it’s getting good reviews ~ available here and also at Amazon and other major book sellers.

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11 responses to “Ronni Redmond

  1. I just discovered your blog today. Great work!


  2. Thanks Indaburg. Likewise! I’m a fan of reposting and you have some terrific posts. Hope you won’t mind sharing on occasion! ~ Ronni


  3. Hi Ronni!

    Fantastic blog, I’ve really been enjoying reading through it. Your passion for baseball shows! I love baseball but don’t get much chance to see any games living over in England, but I did follow the Japanese league quite avidly whilst living out there!
    I was hoping you’d be interested in sharing your blog on Glipho? We’re a new social blogging site, and we’re trying to build a strong community of creative writers- Your blog would be perfect! As you are on WordPress it’s really easy to import your blog to Glipho. If you’re interested at all please visit us at and have a look around!

    Thanks for your time Ronni, and keep up the great blog!



  4. Hey, its willsports.
    I made a recent name change to my blog and I was wondering if you could change the link on your recommended blogs. The new link is
    Thanks, Will


  5. Done! And welcome back to the blogosphere ~


  6. I’m really enjoying your blog, and can’t wait for baseball season. I would love to make a trip to the west coast to check out all of the minor league ballparks.


  7. Thanks Mike. When you make it to the West Coast be sure and give me a shout-out! I appreciate your comments.


  8. I’m sure you put a lot of your time doing this Ronni, keep
    Up the good work…and congrats on your five year…
    Dan Quintell.
    Ps: some day I hope we cross cruises again…


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