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Why I Keep Coming Back

GFBB Note: This same thing happened to me tonight. After taking a 5-0 lead in the 2nd against the Padres, the SF Giants proceeded to lose the game in the bottom of the 12th…….. their 4th loss in a row. And to be honest with you the minute the Padre hit that double in the 12th I turned off the TV so I could clean up the kitchen, which I did. I notice on the internet the Giants did indeed lose in the bottom of the 12th. I knew they would. I just didn’t want to watch it. But let’s face it, we’ve had our share of victories recently so I’m not always a fair weather fan. But c’mon, four in a row? Just wanted to let Jed McKeehan know he’s not alone. It’s something we baseball fans have in common. Good read ~ thanks for writing it!


All 30 MLB teams have a California player worth rooting for

GFBB Note: This was fun! It would be nice if someone from each state could put some effort into a similar project for their local fans. Thanks Good read!

With the start of the Major League Baseball season underway, we thought we would help give you a rooting interest in any game that you may turn on to watch this season, even if it doesn’t involve your favorite team. Go inside to see a list of every team and a California player to watch.

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Neil Diamond on the Diamond at Fenway

I’ve been to Fenway Park on two separate occasions and both times the music  rang out as loud as you can possibly imagine and was absolutely fantastic.  The first song belted out by 35,000 crazy fans was The Kingston Trio’s  “MTA.  This had a very personal meaning  for all of us out-of-towners who triumphantly mastered the friendly transit system that very day.    The second was the wonderful classic “Sweet Caroline” and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

"So good....So good...So good...So good!

“So good….So good…So good…So good!

To tell you the truth I’ve never quite figured out what Sweet Caroline has to do with Boston or baseball, but it doesn’t matter.   The fans have made it their song and if you’ve ever stood and waved your arms and shouted and yelled “So Good!” at the top of your voice (and you will ~ it’s contagious) in unison with 35,000 other fans it will be your song too. 

I love this YouTube video.   It brings back wonderful memories of Boston, Fenway and baseball.  And it reminds me of how proud I am to be a patriotic flag waving American .  Not that I need reminding.  Some things are engraved so firmly on the spirit and the soul they can bring you to tears.  They surface often and they surface when you least expect them.  For me, baseball and patriotism are two of those things.  

Thank you for this week Boston.  You did good!


Kudos to “McKenna” for getting this great shot and kudos to all the camera men/women who consistently provide us with great immediate photo’s of spectacular plays on a regular basis. It almost makes watching the telly as good as being at the ballpark. Well, almost ….. :))

Free for All Friday: Grow Up Zack Greinke

GFBB Note:  When I saw the report about the “base brawl” on ESPN all I could think about was “Oh boy ~ here we go again!”. Some things just don’t have a happy ending.  And let’s face it, Carlos Quentin isn’t exactly baseball’s poster boy.  I’m not sure whether the blogger’s opinion is really about Zach Greinke or more about a dislike for the Dodgers and their lack of wisdom in bringing Greinke onboard.  No matter.  Carlos Quentin has a record of being hit by a pitch on a regular basis so you’d think he’d be used to it by now.  Probably just having a bad hair day. Well we won’t have to worry about him for awhile.  MLB just announced he’s been benched for the next 8 games.  Personally, I think he should be benched for as long as it takes Zack Greinke to heal and be back on the mound.  But that’s just my opinion.

42 Movie Review (Video)

GFBB Note: The reviewer gave this movie a 4.5/5. I’m looking forward to seeing a good baseball movie ~ maybe next week. It’s been a long dry spell since “MoneyBall” and I’m ready for more! Thanks to Leather Wing Media for this thoughtful review.

Leather Wing Media

Jackie Robinson integrated professional sports and became a symbol for America.

His number, 42, is the only number retired throughout all of baseball.  42 the movie is his story.

The national sport of baseball has symbolically represented America from the organized crime generated dive that the Chicago Black Sox took in 1919 and in the war effort of World War II.  In 1947, Jackie Robinson and Brooklyn Dodgers part-owner Branch Rickey challenged the unwritten color-barrier rule that split the nation in two.

42 conveys the significance and tribulations of this event brilliantly, and in that is its greatest triumph.  Telling Robinson’s story on the silver screen (in color) is way overdo, and I’m happy to see that the script we have been hearing about floating around Hollywood for years turned out to be sharp, smart, quick-witted, and real.

The events in the movie take place from Branch Rickey’s decision…

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San Francisco Giants 2013 World Series Ring Raffle!

2013 World Series Ring!

2013 World Series Ring!


World Series Ring Raffle to benefit Giants Community Fund

Tiffany & Co. has generously donated a ring to be raffled off with proceeds benefitting the Giants Community Fund. The Giants World Series Ring Raffle offers fans the chance to win a 2010 World Series Championship ring, identical to the rings given to Giants players and coaches. The ring will be personalized with the winner’s last name. Continue reading

Oh It’s Good To Be Back Home Again ……

Okay, I’ll say it.  I’m not ashamed to admit that one of my very favorite baseball moments of all time was the Opening Day Ceremonies on April 5, 2011, following that glorious 2010 World Series Championship win .  The game was between the San Francisco Giants and the St Louis Cardinals. So today was just the icing on the cake for me.  The same teams were playing, and the championship flag was again being hoisted above the park to remain for the entire 2013 season so that all who crossed  our threshold could see what a magical place they had entered. 

But today, instead of being at the game, I was watching from my comfortable chair, all decked out in orange and black, with a box of Kleenex and a paper bag (to dispose of the used tissues) nearby.  And I did pretty good until they introduced the Cards Manager, Mike Matheny, and the crowd broke into near hysteria in support of this fellow, another of my very favorites.  And I lost it, never to fully recover for the rest of the ceremony. 

music notesI’m not sure why I was so emotional today, but it probably had something to do with the affection the Giants fans feel for their team, and the entire organization for that matter, but also for anyone who has anything to do with the Giants!  The crowd cheered just as loud for each of the St Louis Cardinal players who were former Giants as they did for the current Giants themselves.   It’s been a long dry spell, this post, post-season, and finally today, after five months we have our kids back home ready to dance around the mound, and the plate and the field.  “It’s the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with you” …… if I was singing the song to each of them individually as they walked out onto the field.   Continue reading

The Romance of Baseball

*Romance defined:  ……..  emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized.

“There’s a great article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel today written by one of our favorite sportswriters, Mark Purdy, in which Mark boldly claims that baseball is not romantic. “Cram the Romance” he says.” 

No ~ Not that Kind of Romance!

No ~ Not that Kind of Romance!

Last night I posted from Youtube my very favorite baseball video that included the lyrics.  It started out as a great song written by John Fogerty entitled “Centerfield” and evolved into a video that’s been viewed over one million times.   I challenge anyone to view this great ditty, full screen, with volume up, and not relate it to the definition of romance as defined above.   

Okay, maybe it’s because it’s opening day and the A’s and Mariners are playing right now, as we speak, followed by the Giants and Dodgers at 1:00PM on the telly and not one darn thing will get done at my house today.  At least not in the way of Monday morning chores, that type of thing.  As far as romance and my hubby are concerned, it sometimes revolves around baseball.  (See you in October sweetie!)♥

Take a look at the Mark Purdy article, “Giants, A’s Could Do it Again”, and see what you think.  Great article Mark ~  just happen to disagree with some of it.